Reasons For The Appearance Of "ribs" On The Nails

Reasons For The Appearance Of "ribs" On The Nails
Reasons For The Appearance Of "ribs" On The Nails

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Well-groomed, smooth and beautiful nails look not only spectacular and aesthetically pleasing, but also add confidence to their owner. Unfortunately, there are often cases when their appearance does not live up to expectations: grooves ("ribs") appear on the nails, giving them an ugly shape, and their owner - discomfort. You can get rid of the ugliness of nails if you take a responsible approach to this problem and find out the reasons for the appearance of "ribs".

Reasons for the appearance
Reasons for the appearance

The so-called "ribs", which often appear on human nails, can be both longitudinal and transverse and arise for completely different reasons. One of the most common causes of this problem is trauma to the cuticle or nail matrix. If there has ever been a bruise of a nail or a nail plate, then sooner or later this will necessarily lead to the appearance of an unaesthetic cosmetic effect.

Improper diet is also one of the causes of ribbed nails. Nutritionists have noticed that most people with ribbed nails are vegetarians. They often lack zinc in their bodies. Often, an unhealthy diet has a negative effect on bowel function. In turn, the problem in the intestines gives rise to problems throughout the body, one of which is the appearance of "ribs" on the nails. By the way, oversaturation of the body with salts and carbohydrates may indicate this.

"Ribs" on the nails can occur due to a lack of proteins, folic acid or iron in the human body. Sharp and deep grooves can also indicate severe malnutrition.

The next reason for the appearance of an unpleasant cosmetic effect on the nails in the form of grooves is a serious lack of fluid in the human body. In this case, the nail plates and cuticles "dry out". The reasons for this are various factors: frequent hand washing, constant work in the ground, high air temperatures. People living in a "hot" climate know firsthand about this problem. In order not to bring your nails to such a state, it is necessary to use a moisturizing hand cream daily, rubbing it into the nail plates.

An obvious problem with ribbed nails is a lack of vitamin B12, which enhances and strengthens the growth of the nail plate. It should be noted that B vitamins are an important and irreplaceable element for the body (including those affecting cell growth). Often the reason for the appearance of "ribs" on the nails is home cosmetics: low-quality varnishes, constantly applied to the nails, as well as artificially extended nail plates have a detrimental effect on the formation of the matrix and the stratum corneum of the entire plate.

Diseases of the human cardiovascular system provoke the appearance of "ribs" on his nails. Sometimes this can be the result of neuropsychiatric disorders or individual intolerance to drugs.

"Ribs" appear on the nail plates due to a disturbed diet, for example, after prolonged fasting or an improper diet. Doctors pay attention that transverse grooves on the nails may indicate possible malfunctions of the kidneys, about certain skin diseases.

Cosmetologists say that sometimes the furrows grow over the years, and this is normal. Often the reason for the formation of "ribs" on the nails is the venerable age of a person: with age, the fats produced by the body are largely reduced, which leads to the appearance of such furrows. Whatever it was, but to find out the exact reason, you must definitely visit a doctor!

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