How To Choose The Color Of The Varnish

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How To Choose The Color Of The Varnish
How To Choose The Color Of The Varnish

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The color of nail polish should be up-to-date and fashionable, harmonize well with clothes, makeup and hairdo, be appropriate in certain circumstances. A number of criteria will help you choose the desired shade from a rich palette of color coatings.

How to choose the color of the varnish
How to choose the color of the varnish


Step 1

Consider your skin tone. The darker the skin, the colder and brighter the shades (red-scarlet, deep pink, white and beige tones) can be. Warm, soft shades (chocolate, copper, terracotta) are more in harmony with pale skin. If you prefer natural colors, then pick up a varnish a couple of shades darker. Flesh colors look natural but require the principle of contrast. Delicate shades of champagne look good on pale pink skin.

Step 2

Adapt to the time of the year. Restrained and conservative tones are ideal for fall and winter (the whole palette of beige and brown colors, dull shades of pink and red). When choosing a color, always check how the varnish "plays" in daylight and under electric light: the difference can be fundamental, especially in the cold season. Bright, saturated, neon colors are suitable for summer and spring.

Step 3

Consider the condition of the manicure. If it is flawless, then feel free to choose the most unexpected shades of any degree of saturation. All dark colors highlight any defects and imperfections.

Step 4

Choose a varnish for accessories and clothes. The dominant color in your outfit can be anything. Bring the shade as close as possible to one of the colors of your image.

Step 5

Do not apply the same coat to your fingernails and toenails. Manicure and pedicure can be done in the same color scheme, but keeping the exact shade matching is best avoided.

Step 6

Consider the shape and length of your nails. Round and short nails can be visually lengthened in nude and pastel shades, dark and pearlescent colors give them extra volume. Oval nails can be coated with any varnish, but try to avoid bluish and blue tones. It is better not to emphasize nails in the shape of a trapezoid with bright colors, choose delicate beige tones and paint over only the middle of the plate.

Step 7

Give preference to classic shades. If you cannot decide which varnish to buy, then choose the shade of red or pink you like: such a manicure will look appropriate and always stylish.

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