How To Build Up Gel Nails On Tips

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How To Build Up Gel Nails On Tips
How To Build Up Gel Nails On Tips

Video: How To Build Up Gel Nails On Tips

Video: How To Build Up Gel Nails On Tips

The extended nails look impressive and give the hands a well-groomed look. Modern technologies allow you to fantasize, creating unusual designs and shapes on artificial nails. Women can only choose the way of building.

How to build up gel nails on tips
How to build up gel nails on tips

It is necessary

  • - disinfectant solution;
  • - pusher;
  • - nail tongs;
  • - buff;
  • - file;
  • - tips;
  • - forceps for cutting tips;
  • - glue for artificial nails;
  • - primer;
  • - boat;
  • - a brush for applying the gel;
  • - gel;
  • - ultraviolet lamp;
  • - napkins with a special solution;
  • - lanolin oil


Step 1

One of the main ways to create artificial nails is the nail tips method. Before building up, wash your hands or clean them with a disinfectant spray. Gently push back the cuticle with a pusher. Trim your nails along the upper nail hole and file with a file. Peel off the top coat of the nail using a hard file. Proper preparation of the nail plate will exclude the exfoliation of the built-up material from the natural nail.

Step 2

Select the material so that the adhesion boundary of the hole is at least one third of the length of the natural nail. For clients with a short nail plate, narrow-hole tips are suitable. Select the width of the material so that the natural nail completely closes from one corner to another.

Step 3

When choosing a material, you should take into account the convexity of a natural nail. Flat tips should be glued to the flat one, since the convex tip will move away, forming an air pocket. Glue the material with one drop of glue, which must be applied to the well of the tips.

Step 4

Next, decide on the desired length and shape of the artificial nail. Use pliers to trim the material to the desired length. To soften the seam between the natural and artificial nails, it is recommended to use a special liquid before filing.

Step 5

Now file the desired shape of the artificial nail with a file and file it. Sand the seam with a file or buff without touching the natural nail.

Step 6

File the entire length of the material until the gloss disappears. Coat the entire nail with a special preparation and wait until it is completely dry. Next, coat the nail with a primer. Apply a thin layer of the gel over the entire surface of the natural nail with a special brush. Place your finger in a UV lamp for one minute and then apply a second layer of gel more firmly along the entire length of the nail. Place the nail in the UV lamp again for two minutes.

Step 7

Remove the sticky layer with special napkins. Apply lanolin oil to the cuticle and rub in gently. The nail is ready.