How To Build Nails With Gel And Acrylic

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How To Build Nails With Gel And Acrylic
How To Build Nails With Gel And Acrylic

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Long and beautiful nails are a dream for many women. However, it is quite problematic to grow your own. Fortunately, modern technologies make it possible to build nails.

How to build nails with gel and acrylic
How to build nails with gel and acrylic


Step 1

There are many ways to extend nails at the moment. There is acrylic and gel technology. And you can use both of these materials at once. In addition, you can extend nails on tips or on forms. Nail tips are the plastic free part of the nail. They can be purchased both plain and with a ready-made design. The form is molded by hand by a master from acrylic or gel. Learning to build nails is not difficult. To do this, you must clearly follow the instructions.

Step 2

Before the extension procedure, treat your nails and hands with an antiseptic. In order not to damage the cuticle in the process, push it back with an orange stick or a special manicure tool. The nail plate must be processed with a file for natural nails of slight rigidity. Do it in linear motion. In the process, dust will remain on the nails. Be sure to remove it with a special brush or brush. All of the above actions are necessary in order for the material to better "adhere" to the surface of a natural nail.

Step 3

Degrease your nails with a special preparation. After that, do not touch them with your hands.

Step 4

Now select the size of the tips. Cover the contact area with special glue and attach the tips to the nail. After just a couple of seconds, they will firmly adhere. Then use a special cutter to cut them to the length you need. Use a file to shape the nails into the desired shape and process the entire surface of the tips with it. The abrupt transition from a natural nail to an extended part should completely disappear. Remove generated dust.

Step 5

Apply a thin layer of primer to your nail. Let it dry. Pick up a small bead of gel. Spread it evenly over the surface of the nail. Dry everything in a UV lamp until the gel hardens. Take a small ball of acrylic. Lay out a volumetric pattern from several of these balls. One of the most common options is a flower. Let it air dry.

Step 6

Cover everything with a thin layer of finishing gel. Place the marigolds in the lamp for a minute and a half. Remove the sticky layer with a special liquid and apply gloss.

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