How To Make Nail Polish Designs

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How To Make Nail Polish Designs
How To Make Nail Polish Designs

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Professional nail decor, performed by a master in the salon, will cost you a lot. Try to learn how to paint on your own nails using a multi-colored varnish and improvised tools. This will not only allow you to significantly save money, but will also delight you with the opportunity to use creativity and imagination.

How to make nail polish designs
How to make nail polish designs


Step 1

Shape your nails with a file. Remove the cuticle by applying a special emollient, then push it back with an orange tree stick. Apply a solid color polish to your nails. It will serve as the basis for the future drawing.

Step 2

Buy several bubbles of nail polish in different colors. To create drawings, you will need needles, toothpicks, thin brushes and a small bowl for diluting the paint. If you want and can, purchase a special set designed for nail art. You can buy it at any major cosmetics and perfumery store.

Step 3

Marble your nails. This is the simplest method that does not require any special artistic ingenuity. Pour a full cup of water, drip several different varnishes into it, connecting the colors with a needle. Then quickly place your finger on the mixture. The drawing will be fixed on the nail. Try to do this as quickly as possible, as the varnish will dry out very quickly. Repeat the same for each nail. Despite the fact that the drawing is very easy to create, this method has one significant drawback - you will use up a lot of varnish.

Step 4

Place a drop of varnish on the nail and start drawing. The end result depends only on your imagination. You can draw straight or curved lines to create a star or a dainty flower. Do not limit yourself to one varnish, use different colors. It is better to make a flower with a hard object, for example, a needle or a toothpick. Straight lines and abstract images are easier to draw with a thin brush.

Step 5

Get a French manicure using classic or brighter color combinations. Wait until it is completely dry. Then drop varnish on the beginning of the border of the nail and use a needle to draw a wavy line that wraps around the border of the manicure. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle decorative glitter on top. Wait a few minutes and blow off any jewelry that could not adhere from your nails. Apply a clear coat to preserve the composition.

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