How To Use Sliders For Nail Design

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How To Use Sliders For Nail Design
How To Use Sliders For Nail Design

Video: How To Use Sliders For Nail Design

Video: How To Use Sliders For Nail Design
Video: How to use / apply nail decal / slider / water sliders to manicures and pedicure Tutorial for decals 2023, December

Sliders are water-based stickers that are used in nail art as a quick design that doesn't require hand-painted or decorative elements.

slider design for nails
slider design for nails

It is necessary

  • - nail polish;
  • - the basis for manicure;
  • - fixer or transparent varnish;
  • - sliders;
  • - buff for grinding;
  • - nail file.


Step 1

Give your nails a shape, sand the surface so that there are no roughness or unevenness. This is required so that the sticker lies flat, does not bristle anywhere, does not come off. You should not be too zealous either, so as not to saw through the nail plates, aggravating their condition. A couple of buff movements along the growth line (from the cuticle to the free edge) are enough.

Step 2

Apply manicure base in a thin layer. It is advisable to use a special agent, not a transparent varnish, which does not have self-leveling properties on the surface. The base must be completely dry. There is no need to make a second layer.

Step 3

Cover your nails with the desired color. It is noteworthy that any color scheme is suitable for dense sliders, for full-size (for the entire nail) a color base is not required at all; for a design with a transparent base, it is advisable to use only light shades. The varnish must dry completely so that the decor does not crush it. If a dense and rich shade is required, then the product is applied in two layers, but not more.

Step 4

Moisten the paper part of the slider with warm water, after a few seconds, carefully peel off the drawing. Place it on the selected part of the nail, press down lightly with a cotton swab.

Step 5

Cover the design with clear varnish or fixer to keep your manicure as long as possible. If desired, you can add other elements to the decor. Many sliders go well with small rhinestones, dot painting, fine broths for nail art.