How To Make An Aquarium On Your Nails

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How To Make An Aquarium On Your Nails
How To Make An Aquarium On Your Nails

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Owners of long nails will not give up on them, no matter how difficult it is to keep track of their well-groomed appearance. The aquarium design is very handy for both long nails and short nails. The peculiarity of this design is that the pattern on the nails is not convex, it is under the acrylic like under glass. Masters will create extraordinary patterns and volumetric shapes on your nails. This type of design is suitable for both everyday and wedding manicure. The main advantage of such a manicure is that it is quite durable. With timely correction with an aquarium design, it can take up to 3 months.

How to make an aquarium on your nails
How to make an aquarium on your nails


Step 1

When getting started with nail design, start with safety measures. Disinfect your hands, the client's hands, and of course, don't forget to disinfect the instruments. Then remove the natural shine from the nails, cover it with primer. This product will help to degrease and remove moisture that is interfering with the strong bond between nails and gel.

Step 2

Apply a thin layer of gel to your nails, on which you will shape the design in accordance with your idea. It can be a floral pattern, what an abstract composition, everything will depend on your imagination.

Step 3

Fix each layer of gel after coating with a UV lamp. Your nails will warm up slightly from the exposure, but this is normal. The contours of the picture, apply with white gel, fix and only then apply color gel and fix again. Apply the final layer of pearlescent gel, this will give the picture a sharper outline, and it will look like it is under glass.

Step 4

After completing these procedures, polish the nail, in other words, bring it to perfect condition.

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