Home Manicure: Shellac Remover

Home Manicure: Shellac Remover
Home Manicure: Shellac Remover

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Shellac is a long-lasting nail polish that can be applied and washed like nail polish and dries like an extension gel. In addition to special liquids, you can use available home materials.

Home manicure: shellac remover
Home manicure: shellac remover

Shellac is a product of the American brand CND, in the line of which there are also special liquids for removing gel polish. All of them are identified by the inscription on the bottle: Remover. The company's specialists have developed various auxiliary formulas that are part of the liquid in order to preserve the original appearance of natural nails. That is, without white and yellow spots, cracks, chips, delamination after removing the gel polish.

Professional products of the CND company are not budgetary, therefore, it is impractical to purchase them for home use. But it is worth paying attention to budget liquids.

The durable Shellac coating can be removed with budget substitutes. For example, the Russian "remover" Severina or the German one - ORLY. Both tools do an excellent job of removing gel polish from nails. If you follow strict instructions.

Firstly, in addition to the liquid itself, you will need: foil, cotton pads and orange sticks. Secondly, you need to pre-protect the skin (cuticles, lateral ridges) around the nails. This is easy to do if you apply a greasy cream to it. After that, the foil must be divided into 20 small parts, and the cotton pads must be cut into 2-4 parts. They should be slightly larger than your nails. The discs are abundantly moistened in a "remover", then applied to the nails, insulated with foil.

If CND is used, then you need to keep it for 10-15 minutes. If from another company, then no less than 20 minutes, since the gel polish does not always have time to soften in a short time.

It is recommended to perform the procedure first on one hand, and then on the other. After time has passed, you need to carefully remove the foil and cotton pad from the finger that was covered first. Softened gel polish must be cleaned off the nail with an orange stick or a non-metallic pusher. After that, you can proceed to the rest of the fingers in turn.

You can not scrape, tear off, pick up objects that are not completely softened gel polish. This negatively affects the surface of the nails, since the upper protective layer of the epithelium is removed. The nails become brittle and weak.

If there is no "remover" at hand, then you can remove the "shellac" with a nail polish remover, where the composition contains acetone or alcohol. The technology for removing gel polish does not differ from that where professional liquid is used. Keep nail polish remover on your nails for at least 20 minutes.

You cannot use pure acetone to remove Shellac, or any other gel polish. Firstly, it greatly overdries the nail plates, which has a detrimental effect on their health. Secondly, even a cuticle protected by a greasy cream can get burned. Third, undiluted acetone has a pungent odor.

If there is no suitable product at hand, then you can use alcohol diluted with water or undiluted vodka. They are abundantly moistened with cotton pads, then applied to the nails. After that, the fingers are immersed in an alcohol-containing bath for 7-10 minutes. When the gel polish softens, it is removed with a pusher, the nails are carefully polished and strengthened with a useful mask, bath or product.

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