How To Draw Pictures On Nails

How To Draw Pictures On Nails
How To Draw Pictures On Nails

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The art of creating beautiful patterns on nails (nail art) allows you to make a manicure not only neat, but also spectacular, attracting attention. At the same time, it is not necessary to constantly visit beauty salons: you can learn how to draw pictures yourself.

How to draw pictures on nails
How to draw pictures on nails

The correct technique for nail design is not complete without specific tools: in any specialty store you can buy very thin brushes that allow even beginners to make the lines of the drawing clear and neat. It is even easier to create beautiful patterns using dots. This device looks like a fountain pen, but at the end it has a rod with a ball. The thickness of the line directly depends on the size of the tool (the most popular are 1-10).

You can not do nail art on the weight, on the road or while in bed: to achieve the desired result, you should sit at a well-lit table, conveniently placing everything you need on it.

When working with dots, acrylic or tempera liquid pigments are usually used. The ball, located at the end of the tool, is dipped in the paint of the desired shade, and then the pattern is applied to the nail with neat short movements. Dots allows you to create beautiful cascades of dots, where each subsequent one turns out to be slightly smaller than the previous one, if you do not recruit the paint again. It is also convenient for smooth, gradually thinning lines. The drawing technique is similar to working with a fountain pen. Periodically wipe the ball from adhering excess paint.

Drawing with a brush is much more difficult, but having mastered it, you can create much more varied and elegant pictures on your nails than using dots. For small details you need a thin, sharp brush, for mixing paints and creating large curls, a flat one. There are other devices with extra long or fanned bristles, but to use them correctly, you need some experience in nail design. The technique of movements does not differ from ordinary drawing on a sheet of paper. When working with a brush, you can use both acrylic paints and regular nail polish, but it has a thicker texture and allows you to build only the simplest compositions.

If you do not want to purchase special tools, you can get by with an ordinary needle or toothpick to create patterns on your nails.

Quite beautiful patterns can be created using a regular needle or a sharp wooden stick, but they should be worked very carefully so as not to scratch the nail plate. With this method of painting, the tip acts as a thin brush. It is important to ensure that excess paint or varnish does not accumulate on the instrument.

Household tools like these are best for stretching techniques. Here, varnishes of contrasting shades are used: the main color is applied to the entire nail, then, without letting it dry, a large dot of a different shade is put on top, and in its center another, contrasting one. With the tip of a needle or a toothpick, a line of arbitrary length is drawn from the center of the last point, which stretches the quickly drying varnish into a spectacular pattern. Several lines extending from the center create a semblance of a flower. If desired, any patterns can be decorated with rhinestones and sparkles, but they should be the same type on all nails, so as not to create a feeling of chaos and bad taste.

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