How To Learn To Paint On Your Nails

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How To Learn To Paint On Your Nails
How To Learn To Paint On Your Nails

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Looking at the beautiful manicure of their friends, and just the women around them, some of the fair sex begin to think about how to learn how to paint on their nails. After all, not every lady can afford to visit a beauty salon often, but everyone wants to be beautiful.

How to learn to paint on your nails
How to learn to paint on your nails

Drawing on nails has been at a premium lately. With the help of various pictures, women can not only emphasize their individuality and create a complete image, but also stand out from the crowd, attracting attention with unusual her art.

Of course, the prices in beauty salons for the service of nail design are very high, especially if the client wants to receive not a simple drawing, but something truly unusual, individual. It is because of the high cost of such a service that not all women can afford nail art with images. And then the question arises: "How to learn to paint on your own nails and is it possible?" The answer is yes. Of course, you can learn how to design your own nails, the main thing is to start with simple images so as not to discourage the desire to create. In general, please be patient and go into battle!

How to learn to paint on your nails: practical tips

If you want to independently draw drawings on your nails, then you must understand that without practice, you will not be able to acquire such skills. No one succeeds in making a beautiful drawing the first time, so don't be upset if you don't succeed.

In addition to patience and desire, stock up on the following things:

  • Several shades of varnishes. For drawing, it is better to choose contrasting shades. Black, white, red, deep blue, gold, etc. are ideal.
  • Fixing agent or regular clear varnish.
  • Dotsom - a special wand for creating images. It can be replaced with a toothpick, ballpoint pen, etc.

After all the necessary items are in stock, you can start trying to portray simple patterns.

Learn to do simple nail art

The simplest image for beginners is considered to be a few drops of varnish. The step-by-step instructions will be as follows:

  • Remove the old coating from the nail plates and wash the handles thoroughly. It is important that no lint from a cotton pad and pieces of old varnish remain on the nails.
  • Choose the colors you want for your manicure. You will need 3 varnishes: one base coat, the one with which you paint the entire nail plate. The second varnish is the one with which you will make the drawing. The third remedy is a clear hardener varnish. You will also need a toothpick or ballpoint pen. These devices are needed to create the image.
  • Cover the nail with a base coat. While it has not dried, place three small drops diagonally in a different color.
  • Take a toothpick or pen and place it in the middle of one of the points, preferably the one on top or bottom.
  • Now drive your gun across the varnish, imitating an infinity sign.

If you do everything quickly, and your varnish does not have time to dry, then you will get a very beautiful drawing. When it dries up, cover the nails with clear varnish and the manicure is ready.

Having learned how to make such a simple drawing, you can create other designs using a similar technique. For example, to distribute drops of varnish not in a line, but in a circle, to make them multi-colored, etc.

You can try to create flowers on the nails. For this you need:

  • Choose the main color of the varnish and take 2 additional ones to create the pattern. You also need to stock up on a toothpick, ballpoint pen or buy a special dots - a stick to create a design.
  • Apply base color to the nail plate. Immediately put a large dot in the middle of the marigold with a contrasting varnish, and in it another drop of a smaller shade.Such a manicure will look beautiful if you make the main color black, put the first point in white, and the second with red varnish.
  • Now place the stick you have chosen for drawing in the middle of the two points.
  • Lead her down. You should have a ray. Make a few more of these sticks in the same way. As a result, the droplets of varnish will resemble a flower, and by mixing two varnishes, the pattern will turn out to be very attractive.
  • Let the design dry completely and cover your nails with clear polish.

Such patterns at first glance seem simple, but they look advantageous on nails. Having decorated such an image with rhinestones, you can completely go to a holiday or date. Nail art will look beautiful and appropriate.

Remember that everything is good in moderation. If you want to decorate your nail plates with an image, then choose 1-2 fingers for this on both hands. Images applied to all marigolds, most often, look defiant and vulgar.

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