What To Do If Your Hair Splits And Breaks

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What To Do If Your Hair Splits And Breaks
What To Do If Your Hair Splits And Breaks

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Split hair can ruin the appearance of the most beautiful woman. They look dry, lifeless, brittle and dull. Owners of long hair especially often face this problem. To prevent the tips from resembling straw, you need to take note of a few tips for caring for them.

What to do if your hair splits and breaks
What to do if your hair splits and breaks

Split Ends Care

All hot styling tends to make hair drier and more brittle. If you want to avoid the appearance of split ends, do not abuse the hair dryer, irons, curling iron. It is advisable to use them no more than twice a week, so as not to harm your hair. Don't forget about heat-protective hairstyles.

Trim the ends every 1-2 months. Even if you grow your hair, its length will increase more noticeably if you freshen the ends by 0.5 cm once a month. And their appearance will be much better at the same time. For problematic ends, a hot scissor cut is useful, during which the ends of the hair are sealed under the influence of hot steel.

The best way to deal with split ends is with a monthly hair trim.

Use special sealing gels and serums for split ends, which smooth hair scales and make it easier to comb. Hair becomes shiny, well-groomed and stops breaking.

There are many recipes for split ends with natural ingredients. Choose yours!

What to do to make your hair less brittle

To keep your hair strong and less breakable, do not comb it immediately after washing. When they are completely dry, apply a moisturizing leave-in spray and comb gently along their entire length, starting at the ends.

Try to use less elastic bands, hairpins and hair clips, they injure your curls, by the way, as well as the wrong combs. Loose hair receives the required amount of oxygen, which means that it will not split and break.

Protect your hair from direct exposure to the sun and frosty air. Exposure to frost and ultraviolet radiation leads to the fact that the hair becomes thinner, begins to electrify, and becomes brittle.

Healthy lifestyle - healthy hair

Lifestyle always affects appearance. In order for the hair to be strong and beautiful, and the ends to be healthy and not split, you need to drink a sufficient amount of liquid per day (6-8 glasses of water, in addition to tea and coffee), eat correctly and in a balanced manner, and also have sufficient physical activity. Observe the daily routine and sleep at least eight hours a day. All this will have the best effect on the condition of the hair.

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