How To Draw Poppies On Your Nails

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How To Draw Poppies On Your Nails
How To Draw Poppies On Your Nails

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Drawings on the nails allow you to give the image an attractive and unusual look. You can create these pictures according to your mood or in accordance with the image that you have chosen for yourself for a certain event. Drawing on nails is not difficult, for this you need imagination, patience and a small arsenal of necessary tools.

How to draw poppies on your nails
How to draw poppies on your nails

It is necessary

  • - acrylic paints: black, white, red, green, pink;
  • - white nail polish;
  • - brush for nail art: no. 00 and no. 01;
  • - dots;
  • - base for varnish;
  • - fixer for varnish.


Step 1

Before you start nail art in the form of poppies, do the usual classic manicure: give the nails the desired shape and remove the cuticles. Apply a nourishing cream to hands and nails, let it soak and remove excess, especially carefully remove on nails. Apply a colorless nail hardener that you usually use.

Step 2

Take some time, as you should do the drawings on the nails carefully and slowly.

Step 3

Now start creating the background color. It is advisable that the shade of the background matches the colors that will prevail in your clothes. Poppies look most impressive on a classic white background and black. If you want to paint poppies on a colorless background, then apply a colorless base on the nail in two layers.

Step 4

Take a fine # 01 brush and paint the base under the poppy petals with red acrylic paint. The base of the petals should be in the form of a slightly pointed oval. Draw a large oval in the upper corner of the nail, and a small one below.

Step 5

With a # 00 brush and white acrylic paint, draw a jagged line around the edges of the petals. Divide the petal slightly in the middle with the same paint.

Step 6

Next, outline the petals with black paint, while leaving a noticeable white bottom outline. Use the same color to paint the stems of the poppies and the middle of the flowers.

Step 7

Using dots and yellow paint, place dots in the middle of the flower on top of the black paint. You can lightly walk the same shade along the petal itself, which will visually add volume to the picture.

Step 8

Use a # 00 brush and green acrylic paint to paint on any greenery you like. It can be leaves, or perhaps just draw light strokes around the stem and the flower itself. Let the drawing dry.

Step 9

If you want your nail art to look voluminous, repeat the procedure again, paying particular attention to the middle of the flower and the edges of the petals.

Step 10

Apply a fixing agent over the nail and, for the first two hours after painting the poppies on your nails, try to keep your hands out of contact with water. This will prevent the drawing from fading, and the nail art itself will hold out on the nails for a long time.

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