How To Give Your Nails The Right Shape

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How To Give Your Nails The Right Shape
How To Give Your Nails The Right Shape

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Manicure is a responsible business and not always easy. Even following the latest trends, it is often possible not to get the desired result, and the manicure will not serve as a decoration for your hands. After all, it is very important to understand and remember what is right for you. So, we start by giving the nails the desired shape.

How to give your nails the right shape
How to give your nails the right shape


Step 1

The shape of your nails is almost the most important element that is responsible for how your hands will look! In addition, choosing the right shape, you can correct some imperfections - for example, excessive thinness or, conversely, plumpness.

Step 2

Girls with long and thin fingers should give up long and sharp nails, since the hand will not seem graceful, but emaciated and dry. Short oval nails are the right one for you, your hand will look great. If you wish, you can give the nails a slightly square shape, this will visually correct thinness and fragility.

Step 3

Girls with chubby hands and short fingers should focus on slightly long oval-shaped nails. The square shape of the nails will make the hand even thicker and the fingers shorter, so the oval shape can be considered classic and ideal in such cases. But you should not make your nails sharp, this will only emphasize the plumpness of the fingers and will look just ridiculous.

Step 4

How to properly shape your nails? First of all, you need to get a good helper - a file. The use of metal sharp files is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and convenient ceramic, emery and even glass ones come to replace them. Such files are much less conducive to delamination of the nail plate. In addition, they are completely different in design and shape - and you can choose something that suits you.

Step 5

The file must be clean - this is one of the first conditions for a good manicure. Clean it regularly and keep it away from moisture.

Step 6

It is not necessary to file nails with chaotic movements - the file must be moved in one direction, this prevents delamination of your nails.

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