How To Build Nails On Tips With Acrylic

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How To Build Nails On Tips With Acrylic
How To Build Nails On Tips With Acrylic

Acrylic nails are quite durable and reliable. With good performance of work, outwardly they cannot be distinguished from real ones. The acrylic mass itself hardens quite quickly, and with the help of special powders that are added to the acrylic mass, it gives the nails a natural color. Acrylic can be easily removed using a special solvent.

How to build nails on tips with acrylic
How to build nails on tips with acrylic

It is necessary

  • - tips;
  • - antiseptic (miramistin solution);
  • - large and small files, buffers;
  • - primer;
  • - tip cutter.


Step 1

Be sure to wash your hands and clean them with an antiseptic (miramistin solution). Carefully peel off the top coat on your nails (use a large file to do this). Work in such a way that all movements of the file exactly coincide with the growth lines of the nails. When the surface of the nails is flat, remove the dust.

Step 2

Now you need to clean the cuticle: take the file with the smallest grain and move the cuticle back to it.

Step 3

Choose the size of the tips for each nail.

Step 4

File off the edge that will be adjacent to the nail itself.

Glue the tips with glue.

Step 5

Use a tip cutter to remove the excess length.

Step 6

Use a 100 * 100 file to shape each future nail.

Step 7

Use a buff (universal special file of a soft abrasive) or a 120 * 180 file to process the entire surface of the tips and remove the border between it and the nail.

Step 8

After using buffs and files, sweep the sawdust with a brush.

Step 9

Put a small amount of primer (a material used to pre-prepare the surface of the nail before applying acrylic) to the brush, and then apply it so that your nail shines.

Try to avoid even small skin contact with the primer. Then primer the tips.

Step 10

Place the tips on your nail. Make sure that the tips are located exactly under the corners of the nail, otherwise the nail can

break or crack quickly. Secure the tips.

Step 11

Reapply the primer: Apply an acrylic (white) ball to the tips and spread it over the entire surface of the nail.

Step 12

Apply a drop (pink ball) of acrylic on a "real" nail so that pink and

white - both layers, slightly intersected. And apply the second ball in the cuticle area. Make it so that

the surface of the nail itself and its sides were even (the surface of the nail should be moist).

Step 13

File the extended nail carefully.

Step 14

After each nail extension, rinse the brush with a brush cleaner and wipe it off on a napkin.