How To Build Acrylic Nails At Home

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How To Build Acrylic Nails At Home
How To Build Acrylic Nails At Home

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Acrylic nails can be grown by absolutely everyone - both rich women and ordinary students. Acrylic not only protects your natural nail from anyone's damage, acrylic nails are also a place to fulfill all your fantasies. You can choose any length of nails, especially if you are unable to grow natural nails and they are constantly breaking.

How to build acrylic nails at home
How to build acrylic nails at home


Step 1

The process of nail extension takes place in several stages: It is imperative to wash your hands thoroughly. Using a large file, carefully remove the top coating of the nail plate, remove the formed dust from the nails.

Step 2

Using a fine nail file, move the cuticle back.

Step 3

Now you need to degrease the nail. To do this, take a special tool (primer) and apply it to the entire surface of the nail, avoiding contact with the cuticle and skin.

Step 4

Take a special mold and place it under the tip of your natural nail. Pressing the mold well, secure it to your finger. Forms are reusable (iron forms) and disposable (paper forms that are attached with a sticker).

Step 5

Apply the primer again and you can start applying the acrylic.

Step 6

Soak a brush in liquid (this is a special tool so that you can grow a nail of the desired shape from acrylic powder) and take a small ball of white acrylic. Place the ball on the place where the natural nail and the shape join, form a smile line.

Step 7

Now take an acrylic bead and apply to the cuticle area and stretch it all over the nail so that the white and pink colors touch slightly. Try to lay the acrylic as flat as possible to make it easier to file.

Step 8

After you have formed the desired length and shape of the nail, start filing it using a coarse-grained file (in no case use an iron file - the acrylic nail may crack). Finish the sides first, then take a fine-grain file and carefully grind the entire nail to get a smooth and even surface.

Step 9

Take a special sanding file and process your nails - this way you will remove all minor scratches and make the nail glossy.

Step 10

Apply cuticle oil to soothe your cuticles.

Step 11

Wash your hands with soap and water to remove oil residues and apply clear polish.

Step 12

In this way, you have built up a classic jacket. If you wish, you can combine different acrylic colors or use only transparent acrylic and cover your nails with colored varnish.

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