How To Glue Tips

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How To Glue Tips
How To Glue Tips

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Tips are used to lengthen the nail plate in the process of nail extension. It is worth paying special attention to the fact that they fit well on the nail, and there are no air bubbles between the tips and the nail plate. Nails extended on tips are worn much less than on forms. As they grow back, they begin to make the nail plate heavier, and they have to be removed. In order to build up nails, certain skills are needed that are acquired in the learning process, and even a novice master will not be difficult to glue tips.

How to glue tips
How to glue tips


Step 1

Clean the glossy shine of the nail plate with a coarse file. You cannot use a metal nail file for cleaning, there will be no effect, and the nail will be damaged. If your nails are weak, thin and split, then sand with a medium-dust file. But you should be extremely careful, if you remove the layer more than necessary, then after gluing the tips and applying acrylic or gel, you will feel heaviness in the nails and pain.

Step 2

Treat your nails with a degreaser. If this is not done, then the dust particles that have formed during sanding will prevent the glue from penetrating to the nail. For this purpose, use regular acetone (undesirable) or a special build-up degreaser that you can buy at a specialty store.

Step 3

Match tips by size. Apply glue to the contact area of ​​the tips and apply to the nail. Hold it for a while to allow the glue to set. Glue all the tips first, then shape them. Remove excess length and width of the extended part.

Step 4

Apply a surface material (acrylic, gel) and paint on your nails. If the varnish is uneven, then remove it with an acetone-free product and reapply.

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