What Is The Best Burdock Oil For Hair

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What Is The Best Burdock Oil For Hair
What Is The Best Burdock Oil For Hair

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Many manufacturers of burdock oil use their unique technologies to make this product. Therefore, the effectiveness of the effect of this health remedy can be different.

Burdock oil is made from burdock root
Burdock oil is made from burdock root


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The best hair doctor is burdock oil. It is made not by pressing, as, for example, castor and others, but by extracting (infusing) parts of burdock in another oil. Therefore, the quality of this remedy largely depends on what its basic composition was.

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How to choose burdock oil?

Due to the peculiarity of the method of its manufacture, it is important to buy a product from a manufacturer that is trustworthy. If raw materials from burdock root are infused with low-quality oil, it is highly doubtful that the product will have useful properties to the proper extent. Attention should also be paid to the composition of burdock oil, which should be indicated either on the package or in the annotation.

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The main substances that have a positive effect on hair are inulin, sitosterol, tanning ingredients and flavonoids. The percentage of these components should be high enough. Inulin, for example, should be at least 45% of the total composition. However, not every manufacturer provides the buyer with such details. Therefore, you need to find someone who would not hide the composition of the product he makes.

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Which burdock oil is better?

To enhance the positive effect, various vitamins and herbal extracts are often added to burdock oil. It can be chamomile, propolis, horsetail, string, vitamins A and E, as well as other components. You can read about how they affect hair in the annotation. The method of application of the product is also indicated here.

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Judging by the reviews, “Camellia” burdock oil effectively stops hair loss. For those who have a problem with this particular plan, it is better to buy such a tool. It is dark yellow and viscous, with a pungent herbal odor. In most cases, it stops hair loss after just a few treatments. It is noticed that the thicker the product, the more effective it is. You can choose a product, focusing on this parameter.

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Pharma Bio Laboratoria oil has a thinner consistency and does not have a pronounced odor. It has a better effect on the hair structure: it smoothes keratin scales and strengthens them. Therefore, it makes sense to buy such burdock oil for those who need quality care without the use of drugs with chemicals. It should be noted that burdock oil dries both the scalp and hair. For those with dandruff or other dandruff problems, foods with supplements designed to moisturize are more suitable. For example, with jojoba extract.

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