How To Apply Acrylic On Nails

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How To Apply Acrylic On Nails
How To Apply Acrylic On Nails

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Unfortunately, few women are endowed with beautiful and long nails by nature. However, in modern conditions, this problem can be easily solved, it is enough to contact a manicure master who will bring the nails closer to the ideal using the extension technology.

How to apply acrylic on nails
How to apply acrylic on nails


Step 1

The most popular material for nail extension is acrylic. It is a powder that is mixed with a special liquid and becomes viscous and thick. Such a mixture freezes in air very quickly, so the main thing when extending nails is to apply acrylic with confident and clear movements. Only an experienced master can make beautiful and even nails, therefore, before you achieve the desired result, you will have to practice.

Step 2

Before you start applying the material, thoroughly disinfect your hands and the client's hands. Remove the top layer of the nail using a coarse file. In this case, the movement of the file should coincide with the growth line of the nail. Then push back the cuticle and treat the nail plate with an antiseptic solution.

Step 3

Apply primer to your nails - a special thick gel that prepares the surface for the application of acrylic. While it dries, pick up the molds. They should be located under the corners of the nail, otherwise the artificial nail will quickly crack or break. Place 1-2 balls of acrylic inside the mold, depending on the length of the nails ordered by the client. Then attach the mold to the nail plate so that no air gets between the natural nail and the mold. Spread the acrylic evenly, squeezing the excess from the cuticle to the free edge. Wait a little - let the material harden. Then carefully remove the mold and proceed to straighten the nail.

Step 4

Acrylic nails are very durable and resilient. They will not only serve as a decoration for your appearance, but also protect natural nails from harmful environmental factors. Unlike gel nails, acrylic nails dissolve easily with a special liquid, so there will be no problems with removal. The only drawback of acrylic nails is the pungent smell, however, it disappears over time.

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