Acrylic Nail Extension: Advantages And Disadvantages

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Acrylic Nail Extension: Advantages And Disadvantages
Acrylic Nail Extension: Advantages And Disadvantages

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The procedure of nail extension has put the art of designer manicure to a new level. And no matter what they say about building - that it is not useful and not even fashionable, women continue to persistently sign up for the procedure and enjoy the result. One of the most popular building materials is acrylic, and it has its advantages and disadvantages. What are they?

Acrylic nail extension: advantages and disadvantages
Acrylic nail extension: advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of acrylic nail extension

The most important advantage of acrylic nails is their strength, strength and flexibility. Such characteristics allow, in any initial state of the native nails, to create a spectacular design and a long nail plate with the natural shape of the native nail. A manicure with such a coating breaks down very rarely and lends itself to instant restoration. It is enough to carry special glue in your purse. For example, a gel coat is much more brittle and brittle. And you won't be able to fix a broken nail on the go. Therefore, an unscheduled visit to the nail salon is guaranteed.

Another nice quality of acrylic manicure is the ease of removal. You can remove the acrylic coating using a special liquid, without the unpleasant filing, as is the case with the gel.

The natural and neat look of acrylic manicure is another significant advantage. Of course, the experience and skill of the salon employee are also of great importance. And if the procedure is carried out correctly, the nails look very natural. In addition, acrylic extensions are less harmful to the native nail, because does not deform it when growing back. And only on acrylic manicure it is possible to make such a design as volumetric modeling.

All these advantages should be enough to go to the salon without hesitation and make acrylic nail extensions. But before making a final decision, it is worth learning about some of the shortcomings of this procedure.

Disadvantages of acrylic nail extension

Acrylic build-up is not suitable for people with allergic reactions and a tendency to allergies. Therefore, if in doubt, consult your doctor in advance.

Women with fast growing nails should decide if they will agree to then do a manicure correction every two to three weeks. If not, then it is better to limit yourself to the usual option without building.

Extension with any material spoils the native nail, depriving it of oxygen. Therefore, such a manicure should not become your business card. Every two months it is worth taking a break for at least two weeks and removing the artificial nails. During this period, experts recommend enhanced care and treatment of native nails: nourishing baths, vitamin creams and oils.

The conclusion is simple - acrylic nail extension has much more positive aspects than negative ones. And with proper care and careful handling, you can regularly pamper yourself and delight those around you with a beautiful manicure with long and well-groomed nails.

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