How To Make A Beautiful Glitter Manicure At Home

How To Make A Beautiful Glitter Manicure At Home
How To Make A Beautiful Glitter Manicure At Home

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Sequins for nail art are dry and as part of nail polish. They are distinguished by size: very small (micro-dust), medium, large and curly (in the form of hearts, stars and other elements). At home, you can use any kind of glitter to create an unusual manicure design.

How to make a beautiful glitter manicure at home
How to make a beautiful glitter manicure at home

The design with dry micro sequins for nails looks impressive and stylish. It is not difficult to perform it, but it will take about 40 minutes for the procedure. Prepare the necessary materials and tools in advance:

- the basis for manicure;

- colored varnish;

- protective covering;

- dry micro sequins;

- a fan brush for spraying glitter (can be replaced with a regular wide brush or an orange stick).

Matte glitter manicure looks good. Such a coating is provided with a special top coat for decorative manicure, which makes any glossy varnish matte.

Shape the nails with a nail file, if necessary, perform an unedged manicure, thoroughly degrease the nail plates. For this purpose, formic alcohol or a nail polish remover that does not contain acetone are suitable. Apply base, let it dry completely so that the manicure lasts longer and does not roll in minutes.

Apply color varnish in a maximum of two layers, each drying thoroughly. After that, think about how the sequins will be positioned. For example, a manicure looks stylish, where the free edge along the smile line is covered with micro dust. The design of chaotic shiny dots on the nails looks no less impressive. To fix dry glitter, you need to apply a transparent varnish or fixer to the surface of the nail, then, while it is not dry, spray with micro-dust. Blow off the excess. After the base, on which the micro-dust is held, has dried, the manicure is covered with a protective manicure agent.

To fix the glitter, you can also use special glue for nail art, but sometimes it turns yellow from time to time. Therefore, it is not recommended to combine with light varnish.

The manicure looks very impressive and is quickly executed, where the design is made with sparkles on only one nail (usually on the ring finger). In order to make such a design, it is necessary to cover all the nails, except for one on each hand, with colored varnish, and allow to dry. Then paint the remaining nail with transparent or colored varnish (in one layer), spray glitter on it until the base is dry. Blow off the excess, then tap your finger on the edge of the table. Repeat the procedure on the other hand. After drying, the manicure is covered with a protective manicure or transparent varnish, which also fixes both the design and the manicure well.

For such a manicure, you can use sparkles of any size, choosing a color that will match the colored varnish on the rest of the nails.

Often, sequins perform a certain pattern on the nails. In this case, it is enough to apply a transparent varnish with a thin brush, and then spray the glitter on this place, removing the excess with a dry brush when the pattern is dry. Large curly sequins (similar to flat rhinestones, for example) are most often attached to nail art glue, since this ensures high design durability. The glue is applied to the nails in a small volume so that it does not spread over the surface of the varnish.

If at home it is possible to cover the finished manicure with gel, then it is better to use it. So the manicure will last up to three weeks without prejudice to its appearance.

Any protective product for manicure is applied only when the design and all the main layers of varnish are thoroughly dried. Otherwise, the manicure will simply smear and chip quickly.

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