How To Create A Craquelure Manicure

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How To Create A Craquelure Manicure
How To Create A Craquelure Manicure

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Many needlewomen are familiar with the concept of "craquelure", which means a peculiar effect of abrasion and small cracks on the surface. Today, a wide range of colors of all kinds of varnishes are produced, choosing the right shade is a matter of a few minutes.

How to create a craquelure manicure
How to create a craquelure manicure


Step 1

It is worth noting that craquelure differs in its properties, namely: the size, width of the cracks, due to which you can get a completely different end result. Many young ladies like to use a varnish with a craquelure effect, imitating snake skin, or the varnish, after drying of which, the nail plate takes on the appearance of antique porcelain. A manicure with a similar effect can be performed not only in the salon. With all the necessary materials and time, you can become the owner of fashionable marigolds at home.

Step 2

For a manicure you will need: a base, which is better transparent, but also matte, colored varnish of the desired shade, varnish with a craquelure effect, as well as about 20 minutes of free time. Apply a transparent base varnish to the nails, which will smooth out all possible irregularities of the nail plate and give the work neatness. After the base, apply a colored varnish, it can be any shade you wish, but it should be borne in mind that it will be the background when applying the craquelure. If the varnish is slightly transparent, it is recommended to reapply several coats and wait until it dries. When the colored varnish has dried, proceed to applying the craquelure. It is worth noting the basic requirements for working with such a varnish: first of all, the fact that the craquelure dries quickly, you cannot reapply the varnish layer in several layers, this will ruin the effect of cracks. The more you apply craquelure, the wider the cracks will be, with light application the cracks will become barely noticeable, more like lace. When the work is dry, complete it with a clear base varnish.

Step 3

The technique for performing this type of manicure is quite simple, and the result looks magical. If desired, it is possible to perform a manicure in a different color scheme, combining different shades of varnish. In the coming season, this type of manicure is the favorite of most fashionistas.

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