How To Cover Your Nails With Gel

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How To Cover Your Nails With Gel
How To Cover Your Nails With Gel

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If a woman wants to always look well-groomed and beautiful, then she must take care of her nails. In addition to standard hygiene procedures, you should pay attention to a new method of nail modeling - gel coating.

You need to take care of the beauty of your nails
You need to take care of the beauty of your nails

It is necessary

UV lamp, biogel, nail files, degreaser, glossy varnish, primer


Step 1

The extension procedure is widespread and quite in demand. A woman has the right to choose any length and color of the nail. Fashion does not stand still, and naturalness is becoming more and more relevant. Therefore, a new technology has appeared that allows you to cover natural nails with gel, like a regular varnish. Such a manicure is durable and will delight its owner for a couple of weeks. The gel is applied to the nails in order to strengthen and improve them. At the same time, nothing prevents you from making a decor on the nail plate.

Step 2

For those whose nails are exfoliated or damaged by fungus, it is recommended to use biogel. It contains proteins that nourish the nail and improve its growth. This procedure is often carried out after removing the extended nails in order to restore. Biogel is a hypoallergenic, non-toxic agent. It can be used by nursing and pregnant women.

Step 3

You can cover your nails with gel at home. To do this, you do not need to have the crust of a manicure specialist. Here is a list of the tools needed for the procedure at home: UV lamp for drying, primer, biogel, glossy gel polish, nail files of different grain size, degreaser, brush for applying the gel.

Step 4

Before coating, the nails should be modeled (remove the length, cuticles), polish and degrease. Polishing is necessary for better adhesion of the coating to the nail plate. Before the procedure, you should not steam your hands and make baths. Keep your nails dry. Primer is an agent that promotes better adhesion. Preference should be given to acid-free primers that are safe for the nail. The product should be applied carefully so as not to touch the skin around the nail. Otherwise, the manicure will not last long. The preparatory layer must be well dried. It will take a few minutes.

Step 5

Then apply the first layer of biogel with a special brush and dry it well under a lamp. You cannot use a hairdryer for such purposes, because of it bubbles may appear. After that, you need to apply a second layer and also dry. If necessary, apply a third layer. There should be no tingling or other painful sensations during the procedure. Such unpleasant moments can arise if the biogel is of poor quality, the nail or the skin around it has been damaged. The sticky layer should be removed with acetone-free nail polish remover.

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