How To Draw Flowers On Nails

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How To Draw Flowers On Nails
How To Draw Flowers On Nails

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Nail art (the art of nail design) has been incredibly popular lately. In any beauty salon on your nails in just a couple of hours they can depict a breathtakingly beautiful design. Your nails will turn into a work of art and will catch dozens of looks. Looking at the work of professionals, sometimes you really want to try to make the same beauty yourself.

How to draw flowers on nails
How to draw flowers on nails


Step 1

Try painting cornflowers on your nails. To do this, cover your nails with white pearl varnish. Take lilac and blue enamels and apply them diagonally. Use black for the accent, and for the watercolor stretch, use sequins.

Step 2

Draw cornflowers with white and blue paints. Use three big, firm strokes on the petals. Try using ultramarine or violet paints to make your drawing more original. Add buds to diversify the composition.

Step 3

To paint cosmos on your nails, cover the nail with blue enamel. Paint over half of the nail diagonally with black paint. Bring out the border with a varnish with fine sequins.

Step 4

Draw a large cosmos flower in the center, add a few more on the sides. Make the petals narrow, elongated. Feel free to experiment with different colors, any color will work here.

Step 5

Those petals that are closer, make smaller and unfold inward. Create the middle with brown paint and black dots, and use light green paint to create volume. Paint the stems and leaves with light green paint.

Step 6

Paint the nail with light pink varnish and wait until it is completely dry. From above, diagonally paint the nail with a richer and darker shade of pink.

Step 7

Draw two diagonal stripes with white varnish. Draw the petals of an unusual exotic flower in bright green. Use a different, darker shade of green to add volume to the flower.

Step 8

Draw small stems with thin black lines. Add some small details with red and white colors.

Step 9

Try drawing abstract shapes as well. Cover the nail with a white base. Use black paint to draw the outlines of free-form abstract flowers. Wait for everything to dry. Color the flowers in different colors.

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