How To Draw A Flower On Your Nails

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How To Draw A Flower On Your Nails
How To Draw A Flower On Your Nails

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Nail art is quite popular these days. It is impossible to limit the imagination of the masters - they create small masterpieces on each nail. When working with natural nails at home, sometimes you have to try, but the result justifies the effort and time spent. The easiest way to decorate your nails is to draw a flower.

How to draw a flower on your nails
How to draw a flower on your nails


Step 1

Before you start decorating your nails, assess the general condition of your hands. Remember that a manicure with decorative elements (sparkles, rhinestones) and drawings attracts attention. Make sure your hands look well-groomed, the cuticles are neatly polished, the varnish is applied in an even layer, the nails are well filed, they are the same shape and length.

Step 2

The easiest way to decorate your nails with flowers is not to paint, but to glue them. Purchase special stickers on a transparent basis in any department of decorative cosmetics. To peel the sticker off the paper, briefly immerse it in warm water, then slide it lightly to either side. Apply the sticker to the nail, avoiding creases, press with a napkin or cotton pad until the moisture is completely dry, apply a layer of colorless varnish.

Step 3

To draw a flower yourself, first prepare a "canvas". Cover your nails with varnish as a background. Wait for it to dry. Use a thin brush to paint the petals with a different color of varnish. If you do not have the skill to do this, apply a few small drops in a circle. Use a needle, awl or toothpick to shape the droplets into petals by simply extending a thin tip from the center of the droplet towards the other petals.

Step 4

Flowers obtained by mixing several colors of varnish look beautiful. Apply background polish to the nail plate. Without waiting for the background varnish to dry, apply a few drops on top of a varnish of a different color. With a thin awl or toothpick, paint the petals of the flower so that both varnishes mix. With this technique, the contour of the petals will be the background varnish that appears through the color of the second varnish.

Step 5

To get a large enough flower that covers the nail plate almost completely, prepare the background, wait for the varnish to dry. Draw the outline of the flower with a regular gel pen or a thin brush and varnish of a different color. Using a thin brush or a toothpick dipped in varnish, shape the core and petals, cover the nail plate with a layer of fixing varnish.

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