How To Draw Nail Art

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How To Draw Nail Art
How To Draw Nail Art

Video: How To Draw Nail Art

Video: How To Draw Nail Art
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Learning how to paint your nails is a fun hobby. Starting with simple patterns, the skill can be improved endlessly. Try decorating a couple of nails with an unusual pattern of your own design - perhaps this activity will captivate you, and the result will be liked by others.

How to draw nail art
How to draw nail art

It is necessary

  • - nail enamel;
  • - acrylic paints;
  • - thin brush;
  • - flat brush with an oblique cut;
  • - rhinestones, sparkles;
  • - top coat with a glossy effect.


Step 1

Select the drawing you want to complete. Its size depends on the length of the nails. On long plates, you can paint a whole landscape or a flower basket. It is better to decorate the short ones with a small motive or vertical lines that visually narrow the nails. Consider the shape of the plate - an oval, rectangle or sharp stylet requires different patterns.

Step 2

Consider color combinations to match your outfit and makeup. For a full-fledged painting, you need 3-4 shades and a base tone. Flowers and portraits are best painted with acrylic paints, and for abstract painting and patterns, varnishes with narrow brushes, designed specifically for nail art, are suitable.

Step 3

You can decorate each nail with an independent picture or depict the general plot by "stretching" it over the entire hand. For example, draw a bouquet of cornflowers or roses on the middle finger, small buds and leaves on the index and ring fingers, and only curls of stems and antennae on the little finger and large finger.

Step 4

Cover your nails with a beige or creamy base polish. Dry it and start painting. Using a flat brush with a beveled tip, pick up blue and white paints and paint the cornflower with five strokes going from the center to the edge. Place one flower at the bottom edge of your middle finger nail and the other diagonally at the tip.

Step 5

On the index and nameless, depict smaller flowers. Dip a thin brush in green paint and paint the stems with fine strokes. Complement them with long curly tendrils. To make the overall picture look beautiful, watch the symmetry of the lines on all fingers. Draw the leaves last. They are performed with a flat brush, on which dark and light green paints are drawn at the same time.

Step 6

Draw the centers of the flowers with dots of golden yellow paint. Complement the manicure with silver glitter and coat the composition with a layer of protective ultra-shiny coating.

Step 7

Another interesting version of the painting resembles old medallions. Such a manicure will become a very unusual decoration - provided that it is done very carefully. It looks best on oval or almond-shaped nails. Cover them with two coats of white enamel and wait until they dry completely. Trace each nail with a narrow, deep pink stripe in the form of a frame.

Step 8

The plot is centered. Using a flat brush, take raspberry and white paints and draw a stylized flower that resembles a peony or a rose. Draw five petals as rounded commas, with three smaller ones inside them. Decorate all fingers with this pattern.

Step 9

Add the leaves above and below, painting them with a flat brush in dark pink and white paints. Draw first one and then the other half of the sheet in a short, undulating motion. Decorate the composition with rhinestones, and put crimson dots around the edge of the frame. Cover the design with a protective top and dry thoroughly.