Nail Art: How To Learn Craftsmanship

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Nail Art: How To Learn Craftsmanship
Nail Art: How To Learn Craftsmanship

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Nail art is not only a useful skill, but also a very exciting hobby for some women, which is called nail art. Starting with simple patterns, you can gradually improve your craft. Over time, you will learn how to create drawings of your own design.

How to draw nail art
How to draw nail art


Step 1

First, decide on the pattern that you will perform. Choose the size according to the length of your nails. If they are long, paint them with a beautiful landscape or floral arrangement. If short, decorate with vertical lines. They will visually narrow and lengthen your nails accordingly. Also, consider the shape of the nail plate. Rectangle, oval or sharp stylet need different patterns.

Step 2

Consider the color combination in advance. The pattern should be in harmony with your makeup and outfit. Take base tone and 3-4 shades. This will be enough for a full-fledged painting. Draw portraits and flowers with acrylic paints. For abstract patterns, multi-colored varnishes are suitable; they need to be applied with narrow brushes. They are specially designed for nail art.

Step 3

Decorate your nails with an independent picture or depict a general plot that should be "stretched" over the entire hand. For example, on the middle finger, draw a bouquet of roses or cornflowers, on the ring and index fingers - small leaves and buds, and on the thumb and little fingers - only antennae and curls of stems.

Step 4

Cover your nails with a cream or beige base polish. Dry it and start painting. Draw some white and blue paints using a flat, beveled brush. Then draw a flower with five strokes. The strokes should go from the center to the edge. Place one flower at the bottom edge of the middle finger nail, and the other diagonally near its tip.

Step 5

Draw smaller flowers on the ring and index fingers. Dip a thin brush in green paint and paint the stems with fine strokes. Complement them with long curly tendrils. To achieve a beautiful overall picture, try to make symmetrical lines. Draw the leaves last. Make them with a flat brush. Draw light and dark green paints with it at the same time.

Step 6

Draw the middle of the flowers with dots of yellow-golden paint. Finish the manicure with silver glitter and coat your nails with an ultra-shiny protective coat. Then dry them thoroughly.

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