How To Remove Gel Polish With Acetone And Foil

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How To Remove Gel Polish With Acetone And Foil
How To Remove Gel Polish With Acetone And Foil

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Gel polish is a long-lasting manicure coating that lasts up to four weeks on nails. It is easy to apply and easy to remove. When using acetone for removal, it is worth remembering how aggressive its effect on the skin can be.

removing gel polish with acetone
removing gel polish with acetone

A long-lasting manicure using gel polish is removed with a special liquid. Its cost depends on which brand of gel polish is applied. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to purchase a special solution. To remove gel polish yourself at home, you can also use acetone.

Removal technology

In order not to spoil natural nails, you must carefully prepare for the procedure. In addition to acetone, you will need:

- food foil;

- orange sticks;

- cotton wool or cotton pads;

- fat cream;

- grinding buff;

- nail hardener;

- cuticle oil.

Acetone is quite corrosive. To remove gel polish, pure acetone can be diluted with water (two parts acetone - one part water). You can also use acetone nail polish remover. It must first be warmed up in a water bath.

Push back the cuticle with an orange stick. Apply a greasy cream to the skin around your nails. Soak cotton pads in acetone or acetone nail polish remover, place them on the nail plates. Try not to touch your skin. Cover your fingers with foil to speed up the reaction.

After ten minutes, remove the foil and cotton pad from the finger that was wrapped first. If the gel polish has become soft, then wipe it off gently with a cotton swab or peel off with an orange stick. If the material does not lend itself, it does not need to be tugged or hooked. With such abrupt movements, you can tear off the upper epithelium of the nail plate. If the gel polish does not soften well, wrap it up again with a cotton pad with acetone and foil.

After the material has been removed from all nails, carefully sand the nail plates. Apply hardener for natural nails, massage oil into cuticles. It is recommended to refrain from colored manicure or artificial coating for several days.

Errors and their consequences

If you do not apply a greasy cream to the skin around the nails, if there is a risk of getting burned even from diluted acetone. It is recommended to cut small triangles from cotton pads that completely cover the nail plate, but do not touch the skin.

It is not recommended to remove the cuticle before removing the gel polish, since acetone can get into the matrix (nail root), which will negatively affect the growth and condition of the entire nail plate. It is better to push the cuticle aside, and then carefully treat it with oil for recovery and recovery.

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