How To Restore The Nail Plate

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How To Restore The Nail Plate
How To Restore The Nail Plate

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Maintaining the beauty and health of nails is an important task that faces many people. This is especially true for lovely ladies, because the sloppy look of the hands negatively affects their attractiveness. Therefore, it is worth knowing ways to help restore lost beauty to nails.

How to restore the nail plate
How to restore the nail plate


Step 1

To begin with, carefully cut off the delaminated part of the nail, trying to give it a beautiful shape. File off the free edge carefully using a fine-grained file. To strengthen the exfoliating nail plate, use a calcium gel, which contains vitamins B2 and B5.

Step 2

Eliminate acetone-containing nail polish remover from your usual cosmetics. It is better to use products that contain protein or calcium, they are the best suited for restoring damaged nail plates.

Step 3

Increased brittleness of the nail can occur due to excessive dryness, but most often brittleness is a consequence of a lack of calcium. In this case, drugs with an increased level of this trace element will help. They help to strengthen, increase the elasticity and growth of the nail. To restore the water balance, you will need oil or nail cream, a special varnish with the addition of a moisturizer.

Step 4

To solve problems with the cuticle, a massage with protein oil or cream is well suited (in addition to protein, it should contain vitamin E, paraffin and essential oils). The massage increases the blood flow to the nail root, slows down the growth of the cuticle, and accelerates the growth of a healthy nail. Carry out this procedure every time after a manicure.

Step 5

It is possible to remove the resulting irregularities and grooves on the surface of the nail using polishing files and leveling varnish. In addition, pay extra attention to the cuticle, due to improper handling of which this trouble arose.

Step 6

Becoming a happy owner of healthy, beautiful and well-groomed nails is not as difficult as it seems. The main thing is to systematically and properly care for them using suitable cosmetics. Try not to overdo it in too frequent nail extension, take care of the beauty of natural marigolds.

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