How To Draw A Manicure

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How To Draw A Manicure
How To Draw A Manicure

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Every woman wants to look as attractive as possible, and manicure is one of the most important components of an attractive appearance. But not every woman has enough material resources to constantly visit beauty salons to get a manicure. Therefore, it is so important to be able to draw a manicure yourself.

How to draw a manicure
How to draw a manicure


Step 1

First, dip your hands in warm water, you can add a few drops of scented oil - this will soften your hands and help avoid cuts when removing cuticles. Then after five minutes, dry your hands with a towel, remove the cuticles and trim the nail plate with scissors and sand with a nail file.

Step 2

Now the process of drawing the drawing itself is underway. Cover the nails with a layer of colorless nail polish and let it dry, then apply white nail polish on the grown-out tips of the nails - 1-2 coats depending on the type of polish. As a result, a French manicure is obtained, but it can be supplemented with a beautiful lily, which can be depicted in the middle of the nail plate.

Step 3

First, take a thin brush and dip it into a bottle of burgundy varnish (the color should not be not too light, but not too dark - the ideal is the color of an unripe cherry) and draw lily petals, there should not be too many of them, only 3 petals will be enough …

Step 4

Then dip a thin varnish brush into black varnish and use it to paint the center and veins of the petals. Do not be discouraged if the drawing is not quite even, the next step will correct all the shortcomings of the previous steps.

Step 5

Take a glitter polish, it is better if the glitter is gold or pink, other colors only spoil the texture of the picture. Also dip a thin brush into glitter nail polish and trace the outline of our lily, you can also add some shiny dots on the petals themselves, they will resemble frozen water droplets after rain.

Step 6

Do not forget that before each new application of varnish, it is necessary to allow the previous layer to dry, otherwise you risk smearing the drawing and you will have to start all over again. After applying the last coat, do not forget to apply nail polish to the nails to fix the manicure, it will help your drawing stay on the nails longer.

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