How To Choose A Gel Nail Polish

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How To Choose A Gel Nail Polish
How To Choose A Gel Nail Polish

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Gel polish has become very popular. In all salons, you can get a manicure with a coating that lasts for 2 weeks. But the relevance of such a coating has led to different types of gel polishes. Some of them can damage the nail plate, while others strengthen it. It remains only to choose the right one.

How to choose a gel nail polish
How to choose a gel nail polish

Nowadays, gel coating can be done not only in the salon, but also at home. To do this, it is enough to have an ultraviolet lamp and a set of coatings. Therefore, the questions of choosing a particular brand now arise not only among specialists, but also among ordinary women.


Gel coating as well as any cosmetics can be of different brands. Each brand has its own unique properties. When choosing a gel coat for nails, you should pay attention to fame. You shouldn't purchase an unverified brand. If the quality is poor, you can ruin your nails. If nothing is known about the brand of gel polish, and you cannot even find a review, then you should look at the quality of other cosmetics of the same brand. If it is of high quality, then you can safely purchase the product.

If possible, then it is worth taking the bottle in hand. Counterfeits are now very common. It is worth paying attention to the barcode and the country of the manufacturer. Also, the manufacturer's website is very often written on the bottles. There you can see detailed information about the brand.

If a situation arises that it is impossible to decide between several brands, then you should go to the salon and ask the professionals for feedback. Manicurists constantly see nails after gel coating and can advise on a brand that affects the nail in a gentle way.

It is worth paying attention to how the gel is removed. For some brands, the varnish can only be removed by cutting. But this can damage the top layer of the nail. Other brands practice removing the gel with a special solution.

Today, the most popular brands of gel polishes are CND shellac, Orly, Jessica Geleration, InGarden and Just GelPolishоibd. When choosing gels, it is best to purchase a product from one of these brands. CND varnishes are distinguished by their density. One coat may be sufficient for a bright finish. If you focus on durability, then it is better to choose the Jessica Geleration brand.


In the field of gel coatings, it is better not to save money. Known brand fakes are very common in the markets. Their price is much lower than premium products. So, the price for CND varnishes varies from 700 to 1500 rubles. A fake will cost about 200 rubles. But such varnishes can have a very strong effect on the structure of the nail. Better to buy more expensive, but better quality product.

Color palette

Each brand has a very wide range of colors. There is plenty to choose from. But due to the high price, not everyone can purchase a full palette for themselves. Then it is better to purchase a varnish based on the length of your nails. If they are long and have a beautiful shape, then you can choose almost any shade. But if the nails are short, then it is better to acquire bright shades. Pastel on short nails does not look good. And bright colors visually lengthen the nail plate. Coral color looks very impressive on the nails.

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