List Of Tools And Cosmetics For Manicure

List Of Tools And Cosmetics For Manicure
List Of Tools And Cosmetics For Manicure

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A manicure for any girl is a reason to show the beauty of her hands and well-groomed nails, and at the same time a reason to dream up, create something new and unusual on her nails. For all this, young ladies buy gel polishes, stamping kits, spend hours learning to draw flowers or geometric shapes on their nails.

But only varnishes or paints for nails are not enough. We also need a base in the form of tools for processing nails and cuticles. What does it include?

List of tools and cosmetics for manicure
List of tools and cosmetics for manicure

For a start - a nail file. It can be anything - wood, ceramic or glass. Someone also uses iron files, but they have a bad effect on the nail plate. The surface of the nails is polished with soft paper files, and with the tougher ones, the nails are filed until the desired shape is obtained.

You will also need a set of sticks to push back the cuticle. The most popular are orange tree sticks. With their help, you can easily cope with the overgrown skin around the nail without injuring it. The thin and sharp end of the stick can also draw individual details of the drawings.

To avoid burrs, you should consider buying a cuticle pusher. It usually has two parts - one in the shape of a scapula, the other in the shape of a hatchet. The first is convenient to move the cuticle, and the second is to clean the nails and nail bed from dirt.

Of course, you will need good scissors to trim or reshape broken nails.

These are the must-have tools for creating a quality manicure. They need good care: after each manicure procedure, scissors and a pusher must be washed and wiped with napkins.

It is also worth buying a good drug in the store in order to soften the cuticle before removing it. It is called a remover and is often used in both trim-free manicure and hardware.

And for creativity, you can buy various stencils to paint on your nails, stickers, paints and brushes. To preserve the manicure for a long time, you will need fixers and a UV lamp if you are doing a manicure with gel varnishes. To learn how to paint the nail plates, study fashion trends and practice.

Good tools and tools for any type of manicure are the key to the health and beauty of nails.

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