How To Strengthen Nails With Acrylic

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How To Strengthen Nails With Acrylic
How To Strengthen Nails With Acrylic

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A rare fashionista does not dream of long, strong and sturdy nails. But many, for one reason or another, cannot grow them naturally. In this case, acrylic comes to the rescue - an excellent material for strengthening and building nails.

How to strengthen nails with acrylic
How to strengthen nails with acrylic


Step 1

Choose a craftsman in the salon or at home. If you do not trust any manicure office or want to learn how to strengthen your nails with acrylic on your own, purchase all the necessary materials: disinfection liquid, preparatory coating (the so-called primer), acrylic powder (polymer) and liquid for its hardening, professional brushes for applying the material. Plus, you will need standard manicure tools. If your plans include only strengthening the nails without increasing the length, tips and shapes are not required for you.

Step 2

Prepare the nail plate by removing varnish from it, disinfecting it, treating the cuticle and shaping it. File the surface of the nail. It is not necessary to cut down the plate strongly, however, you need to walk over the entire nail and degrease it thoroughly, otherwise the acrylic composition will not hold.

Step 3

Apply primer to each nail. Dip the brush in liquid, grab some acrylic powder with the tip of the brush and quickly apply to the plate. Model the shape of the nail plate and let the acrylic compound dry. Unlike gel, it solidifies in air, without exposure to a UV lamp. Polish the resulting surface to a shine, apply colored varnish or make a nail design if desired.

Step 4

After 3-4 weeks, when the nails grow back a few millimeters, make the correction. If you liked wearing acrylic, apply the composition at the base of the nail using the technology you already know. If you decide to get rid of the artificial turf, use a special acetone-based liquid. Never tear off the acrylic, so as not to injure natural nails!

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