What Is Electrolysis

What Is Electrolysis
What Is Electrolysis

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Electrolysis is by far the most radical hair removal method. Having decided on such a procedure, you must first study all the information, contraindications.

What is electrolysis
What is electrolysis

It is often stated in advertisements that electrolysis is the ideal way to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. However, in reality, everything is not so simple.

The essence of the method is hair removal using a very thin needle, which penetrates into each hair follicle, as a result of which the bulb is killed, and the hair in this place no longer grows. Electrolysis can be performed with alternating or direct current, as well as combined methods. The chosen method depends on the structure of the hair and the area on the body and is determined individually for each.

The first thing to remember is the duration of the procedure, since each hair is "killed" separately, you need to be patient. Some patients bring a book with them so as not to waste time and distract themselves from unpleasant sensations.

Secondly, painful sensations are present in sensitive areas, such as bikinis, they are quite intense and require special anesthesia. Anesthesia is carried out by injections around the treatment area, since application anesthesia is ineffective in this case. Before anesthesia with injections, you should not drink coffee and alcohol for a day.

After electrolysis, red dots remain on the skin, then crusts that come off. The cosmetologist should tell you in detail about skin care after hair removal. During the healing period, in no case should you comb the skin and peel off the crusts, then there will be no traces of them. It is also necessary to protect the skin from exposure to sunlight to prevent the possibility of age spots.

To get rid of hair completely, you need four to eight procedures. If you have previously removed hair with a laser, then the number of procedures may increase. The interval between sessions should be no more than one and a half months, otherwise the effectiveness of the method may significantly decrease. This is due to the hair growth and aging cycle. When removing coarse hair, vellus hair can be reborn, but their number is also limited, so in the end it is possible to achieve complete elimination of hair.

Contraindications for electrolysis are diseases of the heart, nervous system, cancer, a tendency to form keloid scars, pregnancy. Carefully consider the choice of a medical center, the qualifications of specialists, and the sanitary conditions in which the procedure is performed. Indeed, unlike the main types of depilation, this is a serious intervention.

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