How To Make Acrylic

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How To Make Acrylic
How To Make Acrylic

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Most often, women who prefer to build their own nails at home do it with a special gel. Working with such materials is easier for beginners to master, since minor flaws are almost invisible. But building with acrylic requires great skill, but the result will exceed all expectations.

How to make acrylic
How to make acrylic

It is necessary

  • - Acrylic Powder;
  • - primer;
  • - liquidator;
  • - disinfector;
  • - degreaser;
  • - forms;
  • - brushes;
  • - nail files.


Step 1

Buy everything you need for the procedure in specialized stores. Basically, they function at training centers. By the way, there you can offer your services as a model for working with nails. Thus, you will learn how to properly handle acrylic for free.

Step 2

Prepare your nails. First, treat your hands by washing them thoroughly and cleaning them with a disinfector. Peel off the top layer of your nail to make it slightly rough. To do this, use a large file. Make light movements following the growth lines of your nails. This will help the acrylic adhere better to the nail.

Step 3

Move the cuticle with a fine nail file. Then degrease your nail and apply a layer of liquid primer on it. This is an intermediate layer between acrylic and nail. Just do not overdo it with the amount and do not allow contact with the skin.

Step 4

Place the form evenly under the nail, bending it first. To prevent the nail from breaking quickly, make sure that it is clearly under the corners. Press the shape as tightly as possible. Secure it exactly in the middle of your finger. Connect the ends of the shape, keeping in mind its natural curvature. Visually assess the fixing results and apply another thin coat of primer.

Step 5

Next, combine acrylic and liquid. Take a ball of white acrylic with a brush and spread it evenly over the entire surface of the mold. Soak a brush in liquid and make a "smile" line. Align the sides and tip of the extended nail.

Step 6

Apply a ball of pink acrylic to the nail itself. Spread evenly over the surface with a brush. Careful application of acrylic will avoid problems during finishing.

Step 7

When the nails are completely dry, remove the molds and proceed to leveling. Take a large nail file and finish with a polish. Finish with a clear topcoat. When it's dry, you can paint your nails.

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