How To Make Your Skin Shiny

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How To Make Your Skin Shiny
How To Make Your Skin Shiny

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Summer has finally come, and the winter clothes have been taken off, you can expose almost the whole body to the sun and air, and so you want to show off your shiny shiny skin. However, many will be disappointed - after winter, it is often dull and gray. To give it a beautiful look, you need to work a little on yourself.

How to make your skin shiny
How to make your skin shiny


Step 1

It is imperative to remove (and it is better to do it regularly) keratinized skin particles, i.e. peel. Use any means suitable for you - those who cannot afford salon peeling can independently carry out it at home. There are many means - from folk to ready-made store.

Step 2

After exfoliating, be sure to apply a nourishing oil to the skin, rub in with gentle movements until it is absorbed.

Step 3

You can also use special toners - a light tan will give your skin a healthier and more attractive look.

Step 4

For evening skin care, it will be helpful to include products with retinol or alpha hydroxy acids - they remove dead cells and make the skin smoother.

Step 5

After showering, be sure to apply a good moisturizer to your skin - dry skin tends to look dull.

Step 6

If you constantly care for your body skin in this way, it will be smooth, radiant and shiny. There is only a small touch left - before leaving the house, apply a product with reflective particles - they will give the skin a glowing shimmering effect, like the stars of the screen. Do not completely cover the skin with this product - a few strokes on the areas that you want to emphasize will be enough.

Step 7

It should also be remembered that only healthy people have healthy skin. It is very important to eat right, give up fatty and sweet foods, eat more vegetables, fruits, drink water and green tea, natural juices. And then the skin will shine.

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