How To Fix The Shape Of Your Nails

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How To Fix The Shape Of Your Nails
How To Fix The Shape Of Your Nails

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The shape of the nails is usually selected depending on the structure of the hand and nails. In addition, the woman's profession is taken into account, as well as her preferences. To determine which nail shape is right for you, you can just experiment or go to a beauty salon.

How to fix the shape of your nails
How to fix the shape of your nails


Step 1

If your professional activity is directly related to children, medicine or cooking, then preference should be given to the rounded shape of the nail plate. It should be noted that this shape obliges you to walk with short nails, the length of the free part should not be more than 2 millimeters. If the nails are longer, they will not look neat. In addition, experts believe that this shape is most suitable for girls whose fingers are thin and long. You can give the nail a crescent shape using a regular nail file.

Step 2

If your fingers are full, then you should give preference to the square shape of the marigolds. To do this, file the free edge of the nail in a straight line, and make the tips so that you get a square. If your nails are wide enough, then make them a little narrower. Give them the shape of a trapezoid, which gradually tapers towards the tip of the nail plate. You can make the corners of the nail to your liking. You can round them a little, or you can leave them sharp.

Step 3

Oval nails work best for girls with long fingers. However, all other women can safely choose such a form for themselves. In order to give the nail plate such a shape, saw it from each of the two lateral sides towards each other. Periodically see if the resulting width works for you. If not, continue to narrow the nail on both sides.

Step 4

The pointed shape of the nail plate is suitable for girls with a narrow, neat hand. To do this, cut the marigold to a triangular shape. An acute angle should be located in the center of the nail plate. The beauty of a manicure is directly proportional to the length of the nail.

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