How To Build Up A Jacket On Tips

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How To Build Up A Jacket On Tips
How To Build Up A Jacket On Tips

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Recently, the procedure for nail extension has become so popular that it is already replacing the usual manicure. Thanks to the extension, you can make a whole work of art out of ordinary nails in just a couple of hours, which will remain with you for a long time. Let's talk in more detail about nail extension on tips.

How to build up a jacket on tips
How to build up a jacket on tips

It is necessary

  • - tips;
  • - glue;
  • - acrylic or gel;
  • - Ultraviolet lamp


Step 1

Pick up materials, decide on tips and their shape. Remember that a competent choice of tips will help to visually change the shape of nails and fingers, and correct defects.

Step 2

Before sticking the tips themselves, treat the nails with a degreaser, in addition, move the cuticle and remove the varnish, if there is one on the nails.

Step 3

Now take a special glue, using a brush, gently apply it to the contact area of ​​the tips and distribute it over the entire inner side. Now attach the tips to the nail and hold for 10 seconds. Please note that you only need to glue the tips to half of the nail.

Step 4

Next, adjust the shape of the nail and prepare it for the application of gel or acrylic. Use modeling material and erase the boundaries between the nail and tips. Next, take a gel or acrylic and continue to erase the boundaries between the tips and the natural plate until they completely disappear. This completes the extension procedure. Since we did french extensions, you don't need to varnish your nails.

Step 5

It should be noted that despite the fact that this procedure is quite simple, it is not recommended to do it yourself. If you do not possess sufficient skill in this technology, you risk damaging your nails.

Step 6

Also remember to pause between extensions and rest your nails. During this period, do restorative procedures on your nails.

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