Why Do Fingernails Flake Off?

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Why Do Fingernails Flake Off?
Why Do Fingernails Flake Off?

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Sometimes women complain about the poor condition of the nails: they exfoliate, turn yellow, grow poorly. Separation of the nail plate can occur due to various factors. You can get rid of this problem by eliminating the cause.

Why do fingernails flake off?
Why do fingernails flake off?

Causes of split nails

Nails are not only a woman's decoration! They perform an important function of the body, which is to protect the terminal phalanges of the fingers from external damage. A healthy nail must be strong and elastic. If you notice stratification, pay attention to the state of your body.

Often, the nail exfoliates due to a lack of vitamins and minerals. For example, if the body lacks calcium, this will primarily affect the condition of the nail plate. In this case, it is necessary to consume more fermented milk products. The reason for the poor condition of the nails can be a lack of an element such as magnesium. Replenishing the daily dose using conventional foods is almost impossible. For example, to get your magnesium intake, you have to eat about 2 kg of meat at a time.

Vitamins such as A, B, E, C are responsible for the condition of the nails. Eat more berries, fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts.

If you notice peeling nails, check your liver, kidneys, GI tract, thyroid, and reproductive organs. Perhaps the reason for the separation of the nail plate lies inside the body. Other causes can be stress, depression, overwork, and decreased immunity.

Nails are stressed in everyday situations. Let's say you need to pick something up. You, of course, do this with your fingernail, not suspecting that you are violating the integrity of the keratin layers. A micro gap is formed, it increases, a cavity appears. It is possible to worsen the condition of the nail plate by means of substances found in tap water. They dry her. Therefore, after washing, lubricate your hands with a nourishing cream.

Treatment of split nails

To improve the condition of the nail plate, take proper care of it. Be sure to lubricate your nails with a nourishing cream. All household work in which you use detergents, carry out with gloves.

Treat the nail plate with olive oil. Use a sea salt bath. Be sure to have a manicure every 10 days. If you notice that your nails are getting worse, see a specialist. In clinics, you may be offered a procedure such as sealing.

During its implementation, the specialist will apply layer-by-layer preparations containing various vitamins and microelements to the plate.

And, of course, in order to prevent the flaking of keratin layers, you need to diversify your diet by introducing healthy foods.

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