How To Build Gel On Acrylic

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How To Build Gel On Acrylic
How To Build Gel On Acrylic

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Every woman cares about the beauty of her nails. Modern manicure technologies allow turning brittle and dull nails into long and strong nails. To make your nails perfect, you can use extensions.

How to build up gel onto acrylic
How to build up gel onto acrylic

It is necessary

  • - ultraviolet lamp;
  • - degreaser;
  • - tips or forms;
  • - liquid for removing the sticky layer;
  • - gels;
  • - files;
  • - adhesive coating;
  • - means for gluing;
  • - synthetic flat brush for gel;
  • - grinding block;
  • - antiseptic.


Step 1

The extension procedure includes increasing the length of the nails and changing their shape. For this, an artificial material is applied to the surface of the nail plate.

Step 2

At home, you can use the method when first acrylic is applied to the nail, which gives it strength, and then covered with gel on top for shine.

Step 3

Before starting to extend nails, lay out all the tools, install an ultraviolet lamp. Wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect all instruments.

Step 4

Then put a special shape under the free edge of the nail, fix it. This creates an extension of the nail plate.

Step 5

After that, start sawing your nail. In doing so, pay more attention to the border between the natural plate and the shape. After washing down, thoroughly lubricate the entire surface with a degreaser and coupling fluid. Make sure that the liquid does not get on the cuticle of the nail.

Step 6

Prepare an acrylic compound. To do this, dilute the acrylic powder-powder with a special liquid. Start covering. Spread the acrylic on the nail, model the clear shape of the natural nail. Let it wait 3-4 minutes for the composition to harden well. After that, make the drink again. There is no need to polish the nail, as the next step is gel coating. Repeat this procedure for all nails.

Step 7

Proceed with applying the gel coat. Treat your hands again with disinfectant and primer, then with a bonder and hold them under an ultraviolet lamp. Now apply the gel itself. Here you can process all the nails on one hand at once, and then move on to the other. Thin the first layer, and the second can be applied more liberally. After you have obtained the required thickness, remove the excess sticky layer with acetone.

Step 8

The final stage will be the correction of the shape of the nails. Use a coarse file first and then a fine nail file to make your nails smooth and shiny.

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