How To Bleach Hair With Supra

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How To Bleach Hair With Supra
How To Bleach Hair With Supra

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Supra belongs to the category of brightening agents. It can be used not only to bleach natural hair, but also to wash off the color obtained after dyeing.

How to bleach hair with supra
How to bleach hair with supra

Supra hair color recommendations

Supra is a strong enough substance and therefore, in order not to leave the hair in a state of severe exhaustion, it is not recommended to wash your hair immediately before using it. In addition, careful control of the entire process of bleaching the hair is required. It is important to keep the mixture on your hair just as much as required by the instructions. The longer the composition is on them, the lighter they will become.

Excessive exposure can lead to hair loss.

When lightening only the roots, this must be done very carefully so as not to hurt the already bleached hair. Otherwise, their condition may worsen. The process of applying the mixture should be carried out with a brush and gloves.

It is important to know that lightening hair with supra is permissible only after at least a week after their perm. Not unimportant is the fact that after lightening the hair should be washed with warm water, followed by shampooing and balm treatment. Mechanical influences are undesirable on bleached hair (rubbing with a towel, combing, straightening with an iron).

When using supra for the first time, it is better to apply it to the hair without affecting the roots. Sometimes, even with such a gentle effect, the hair begins to climb in lumps. In such situations, it is recommended to postpone the lightening process for two weeks, and then try again, but this time with the application of the composition and on the roots. The duration of the repeated procedure should be less than the primary one.

It is important to remember that when lightening thick dark hair for the first time, a yellow tint may result. The yellowness will disappear after re-staining.

Supra Acquisition and Application Tips

It is advisable to buy supra in specialized stores. At the same time, in addition to the powder, you need to purchase oxygen, which are sold in different concentrations (6%, 9%, 12%). The stronger the concentration, the more effective the clarification process will be. But at the same time, the hair will be more negatively affected.

Liquid oxygen and powder are mixed in a 2: 1 ratio. The mixture is prepared in a plastic bowl, just before the procedure for applying to the hair. A condition for high-quality staining is a quick and abundant application of the substance to the hair. Half an hour after application, the supra is washed off with shampoo. Hair is treated with balm, rinsed and lightly saturated with a towel.

Thus, supra is a powerful brightening agent that must be used with care. Using this substance, you can get an amazing effect even at home.

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