Silk Nail Repair Video Tutorial

Silk Nail Repair Video Tutorial
Silk Nail Repair Video Tutorial

Video: Silk Nail Repair Video Tutorial

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The problem of a broken nail is familiar to a considerable number of the fair sex. This mini-drama can ruin both manicure and mood. Fortunately, the modern beauty industry offers a solution to this problem. One of them is to repair a damaged nail with silk.

Silk nail repair video tutorial
Silk nail repair video tutorial

A crack or a catch on the nail is a real problem for many women. This happens quite often and, as a rule, entails cutting off the marigolds, which the lady cared about so much and it will be very difficult to grow them back to the desired length, and it will take a lot of time.

However, you should not rush to do this when faced with such a difficulty. It can be dealt with with much less radical methods. The simplest is to repair the nail with silk. Such material has already been well mastered by Russian manicure masters. They use silk to strengthen the nail plates (especially in need of it, for example, after removing the increased "claws"), as well as for their resuscitation after small chips or cracks.

There are special kits on sale with silk strips and other consumables needed to repair or strengthen nails. Beginners can purchase such a set, rather than its components separately.

Hand disinfection is required before work. In addition, if blood oozes at the site of a nail injury, you must first stop it, and only then start repairing it. Moxibustion can be done, for example, with burnt alum. The fractured part of the nail plate at this moment should be fixed by applying special glue for tips on it (it will be used in further work).

Next, you need to act depending on what kind of trouble happened with the nails. So, if a piece of one of them breaks off, first the place of the split must be carefully processed with a file of medium abrasiveness (this is about 200-240 grit). The same tool is useful for other types of work on the resuscitation of the damaged nail.

For the correct formation of the missing piece of the nail, a tip may be required. True, before substituting it, it is necessary to apply a primer to the nail plate in need of repair (after degreasing it). Next, a piece should be cut out of the silk a little larger than the one that is needed to cover the chip, and glue it to the nail.

When the glue (which in this case is mixed with a special powder) dries up, you need to carefully cut off the excess material and saw down the place of its attachment to the natural nail plate. Only one should act without fanaticism, so as not to remove too many keratin layers with a nail file.

To be sure, add another layer of silk. However, now a piece of it is cut to approximately the size of the entire nail, and then glued to its surface. All irregularities must be eliminated with a nail file after the glue dries.

Although the finest silk almost merges with the nail surface, it will still be visible if you look closely. However, this remark will be irrelevant after staining nails with decorative enamel or gel polish.

Repair of nails in the event of a crack on one of them is carried out in a slightly different way. After disinfecting the injured area, you need to file it with a 200-240 grit file, and then spread the crack well with glue. It will be better if, before this, the cuticle around the damaged nail is pushed back and mechanically removed.

It is better to use glue-based silk here. From it it is necessary to cut a strip slightly larger than the damaged area and glue it, firmly attaching it to the nail plate, before filing the excess glue. It is also necessary to process the repaired piece with a file in order to remove all roughness from it.

Now, as in the previous version of repairing the nail plate, you need to stick a strip of silk of the appropriate size on it. When everything dries up (in order for this process to go better, it is worth using an activator), before performing a decorative manicure, you will definitely need to apply a base coat. By all means, it should be sealed around the edges with a dry brush in order to ensure better adhesion of the colored enamel to the nail.

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