How To Choose Nail Shapes

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How To Choose Nail Shapes
How To Choose Nail Shapes

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All women are completely different. They live differently, dream of different things, love different cakes. They have one thing in common - everyone wants to look perfect right down to the tips of the nails. Where do perfect nails begin? Of course, with the right shape.

How to choose nail shapes
How to choose nail shapes


Step 1

Critically evaluate the shape of your hands, the length and thickness of your fingers. Incorrectly chosen shape and length of nails can emphasize the imperfections and excessive volume of your fingers, while the right choice neutralizes all these features.

Step 2

Pay attention to your lifestyle, activities. If you are a healthcare professional, then you can hardly afford 1, 5-centimeter nails, and even with a pointed tip.

Step 3

If you are a happy owner of thin and long fingers, feel free to choose a rounded nail shape. This is the most comfortable and most "ancient" form of the nail. Rounded marigolds are usually quite short (1, 2 or 3 millimeters of the protruding surface of the plate), but always look neat. This form is low-traumatic, comfortable and ideal for medical workers, preschool workers, cooks, musicians.

Step 4

Fat toes of medium length will look less voluminous if the nails are square. However, square nails should be of sufficient length, since this shape visually shortens the fingers.

Step 5

If you have short and full fingers, choose a square shape of the nails, but slightly modify it, rounding the tip and making the edges less sharp. However, do not get carried away with filing so that the shape of the nail does not become oval.

Step 6

Oval marigolds also look great on full and short toes. However, such nails look on any fingers - the oval shape is universal. Oval nails can be of any length.

Step 7

Square nails are contraindicated for owners of large massive hands. If this is your case, then it is better to give preference to round nails.

Step 8

If the nail plate is too wide, then you can visually narrow it by giving the nail a trapezoidal shape, narrow part up. This shape is a kind of square nails.

Step 9

Thin, graceful fingers require a pointed, stiletto-shaped nail. However, this trendy shape is not well suited for daily manicure - the edge of the nail is very sharp, with almost no pad. Stiletto nails are traumatic, break quickly and are contraindicated for ladies wearing contact lenses.

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