The Choice Of UV Lamp For Nail Extension

The Choice Of UV Lamp For Nail Extension
The Choice Of UV Lamp For Nail Extension

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Strong, healthy nails are one of the prerequisites for a good manicure. A UV gel nail extension lamp can help achieve this. Today, various types of this device are offered, so for a quality purchase you need to know what criteria a good lamp must meet.

The choice of UV lamp for nail extension
The choice of UV lamp for nail extension

When buying a UV lamp for nail extension, you need to decide for what purpose it is being purchased. This can be independent use, operation by a novice master or a professional. Another selection criterion is the place of use: at home or in a professional salon.

So, the most simple UV lamps are designed for a one-time nail extension on one hand. They can be equipped with a separator for fingers, a timer (with time setting in minutes and seconds). Models for professional service are additionally equipped with mirrors, a sound signal, a fan for faster drying of the varnish, which makes the procedure of nail extension as comfortable as possible. Naturally, the price of the device depends on the power and additional functions of the UV lamp and can range from 1,500 to 12,000 or more rubles.

An important point when choosing a UV lamp is its appearance. It is advisable to purchase a device with a semicircular arrangement of bulbs and with a reflective coating, which ensures the curing of the gel on the entire surface of the nail.

A UV lamp is a mains or battery operated device. It consists of a body, an ultraviolet lamp (or several lamps) emitting a wavelength of 375-400 nanometers through openings for the hands, and a control device. During operation, ultraviolet light starts the process of photopolymerization in a light-cured gel.

Not so long ago, an alternative to a UV lamp has appeared - this is an LED lamp equipped with LEDs. Their number in different models of LED lamps ranges from a few pieces to several hundred (the number directly depends on the power of the LEDs themselves). Such lamps are more durable and lack thermal heating (instead of glass of UV lamps - plastic), the ability to work for about 40-50 thousand hours (instead of 1500 UV lamps), low power consumption and environmental friendliness (do not contain mercury). The disadvantages include a higher price and problematic, and sometimes the impossibility of replacing LEDs. In addition, such lamps are recommended to be used for working with gels specially created under the influence of LEDs.

It must also be remembered that in lamps with a high total power, which means the action of several lamps, during the procedure, you can feel pain and burning sensation.

The power of the UV lamp affects the curing time of the gel, and these categories are interdependent, as different types of gel require more or less light to cure. The most commonly used gels are designed to use lamps with a power of 4 to 6 watts.

The electric power of the lamp and the power of the ultraviolet rays do not match. So, the real power of a lamp with a mark of 18 W will be 9 W. Moreover, the number of bulbs used affects the saturation with ultraviolet rays (the higher it is, the more uniform the gel polymerization occurs) and the intensity of their radiation.

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