What You Need For Nail Extension

What You Need For Nail Extension
What You Need For Nail Extension

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A fundamentally new, revolutionary type of manicure, nail extension, is very popular today among women all over the world. Modern technologies allow you to make nails long, beautiful, strong and elastic, adding special charm and sophistication to your image.

What you need for nail extension
What you need for nail extension

For the procedure of nail extension, you should, first of all, stock up on special materials and tools. It is better to buy them in nail salons and shopping centers. But it will be more effective to buy everything you need in online stores, where the assortment is larger and the prices are often lower.

As an auxiliary material, you need to take a degreaser, hand sanitizer and primer.

For nail extension you will need materials such as acrylic, gel, nail tips, silk. The gel can be one- and three-phase, in addition, there are acrygel and gul powder. It will be better if you take consumables with a margin, because the ideal result is not obtained immediately, and a few extra jars will insure in case of failure.

To prepare the nail, a pusher is used - a wooden spatula made of orange wood to move the cuticle. You will also need a set of cutters, files of different abrasiveness and buffs, with their help you will grind and file your nails. At the beginning of your studies, purchase inexpensive options, and after gaining enough experience, you can purchase professional-grade kits.

If you are going to work with tips, then you will need special nippers-tips cutters or a guillotine cutter for adjusting the length, glue and for processing the nail - nippers.

Special equipment includes an ultraviolet lamp, which is used for nail extension with both acrylic and gel. Brushes for acrylic and gel are chosen different: for gel - synthetic, for acrylic - columns. Among other things, you will also need a finish gel, cuticle oil and a brush to sweep away dust from your nails. You should purchase special liquids: for washing brushes, for removing acrylic nails and for removing the sticky layer from the gel, which is removed with lint-free wipes.

At the final stage for nail design, you will need a variety of materials, the choice of which is limited only by your imagination. These can be rhinestones, sequins, varnishes and paints.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the procedure for nail extension, this is not an easy and painstaking work that requires skill, knowledge and patience. But believe me, the result is worth it.

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