How To Do A French Manicure

How To Do A French Manicure
How To Do A French Manicure
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French manicure never goes out of style. It is possible to make a French manicure at home if you wish and use high-quality cosmetics. To do this, you need to have a manicure set, a set of nail stickers, varnish in three colors: white, transparent and any pastel shade.

How to do a French manicure
How to do a French manicure

1. It is very important in order to make yourself a beautiful and correct manicure, you must carefully process your nails. To do this, you need to remove the cuticle with a tool or cosmetic preparation, process the nail socket, then shape the nail plate and polish the nails using a nail file and a polishing block. Polishing nails allows you to degrease the plate, which is very important for the layer of varnish to firmly adhere to the nail.

2. After the nails are processed, you need to use the nail stickers. In order to make a French manicure, you need to use ordinary white stickers, not decorative ones. The sticker is attached to the nail where the white tip of the nail will be. It is important to position the sticker not too low or too high, as this will make the nail look unnatural and the manicure sloppy.

3. After the sticker is fixed on the nail, apply a layer of white varnish to the tip of the nail plate. It is important that the varnish has an optimal consistency, as too thin varnish will spread, and too thick will lie unevenly.

4. After the white layer of varnish has dried, the sticker must be carefully and carefully removed.

5. On the surface of the nail, including the area in which the white varnish is applied, it is necessary to apply a pastel varnish. This varnish must be liquid enough so that its color does not overlap the completely white tip of the nail plate.

6. The final stage of French manicure is the application of a protective coating of transparent varnish. Not just transparent, but glossy varnish looks very beautiful. It is better to apply clear varnish in two layers, as this will allow you to preserve the manicure for a longer period.

French manicure is quite simple, but it requires the skill of execution. It is important to carry out each step as carefully as possible. It is also important to completely dry each coat of varnish. If this rule is disregarded, the layers will spread and look sloppy. A very important decision during the execution of a French manicure is the use of varnishes from one company. Typically, such products have the same drying time, which is very convenient during the execution of a French manicure.

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