The Art Of Marble Manicure

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The Art Of Marble Manicure
The Art Of Marble Manicure

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Marble manicure is a real work of art in the hands of a skilled craftsman. Outlandish patterns blooming on the nails will leave no one indifferent. The uniqueness, intricacy and individuality of manicure makes it very popular among fashionistas all over the world. Marble manicure is water based and done in a very interesting technique. It is not difficult even for a beginner to make such a manicure.

The Art of Marble Manicure
The Art of Marble Manicure

It is necessary

A deep container with warm water, a toothpick or a needle, cotton wool, nail polish remover, hand cream, you can use it for children, 3-4 different colors of nail polish, separately take white varnish for the base


Step 1

Prepare your nails for manicure - remove the old varnish, process the cuticles, shape the nail plate into the required shape using a nail file. Prepare all the necessary tools and materials in advance so that everything is at hand.

Step 2

Cover the nails with a white layer of varnish, which will serve as a background for the marble manicure. In traditional marble manicure, it is the white base coat that is used, but in the future, with the acquisition of experience, any color shade can be used.

Step 3

Prepare a container of warm water. In the very center of the container, drop two drops of colored varnish of the desired shade. Along the edges of the container with water, add one drop of a different shade of colored varnish. To make it easier to work, imagine a watch face in front of you and draw drops in a circle. Now let's start mixing shades. You will need a thin needle or a wooden toothpick. Gently mix the shades in a container with water in a circular motion. It turns out a whimsical abstract pattern on the surface of the water in the form of a film.

Step 4

Lubricate the skin around the nail with hand cream, this is done so that the varnish goes beyond the borders of the nail as little as possible and does not stain your hands. Dip your fingernail into the very center of the container over the watermark. Try to dip your nail into the water parallel to the water, this will prevent uneven application of the film to the nail. After that, slowly remove the finger from the water along with the pattern located on the nail plate.

Step 5

When all the nails are covered with a marble pattern, and the varnish is completely dry, proceed to the treatment of the cuticle with a nail polish remover. Having removed all the excess around the edges, the manicure can be completed with a fixative varnish.

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