Making A Mint Manicure

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Making A Mint Manicure
Making A Mint Manicure

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The mint color is very popular, it means a bluish-green hue. At any time of the year, such a light green shade is relevant on the nails: in the warm season it will cool and refresh, in the cold it will warm, adding energy.

Making a mint manicure
Making a mint manicure

A mint manicure looks good even if you don't have a single mint-colored item in your wardrobe. By itself, it is already original, it goes well with black outfits. Consider the most popular manicure options using mint varnish.

Monochrome manicure

This is the easiest option - to paint your nails with mint varnish. This shade can be classified as a pastel shade, so apply it in two coats. With such a manicure, a white jacket looks beautiful, located either at the root of the nail, or at the ends.

Multi-shade manicure

For those who do not have a lot of free time, coloring each nail with a different shade of mint will be a boring solution. Arrange them in descending order of saturation. The mint manicure, which is made using the ombre technique, also looks good. It is better to take white varnish as the second color. Such a manicure will be bright, but at the same time not provocative at all.

Two-tone manicure

Pastel colors go well with each other. So you can dilute the coolness of the mint color with the warmth of yellows or pinks. To make such a manicure is simple - paint your nails with a layer of mint varnish, wait until it dries, then apply the drawing in a different color. Patterns can be supplemented with sparkles, rhinestones. You can make any pastel color as the main color, and let the mint act as a jacket. This technique looks especially elegant with a silver edging along the line of their connection.

Manicure with a pattern or other accent

On top of a mint manicure, you can and even need to make a simple and airy pattern, for example, dots, snowflakes, specks, simple flowers, circles and figure outlines. It is very fashionable to emphasize the ring finger nail. You can paint it in a color chosen in a pair with mint. You can do the opposite manicure on one finger, for example, if the base is mint color everywhere, and the pattern is black, then on one finger, make the background black and the pattern mint.

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