How To Draw Simple Nail Art Designs

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How To Draw Simple Nail Art Designs
How To Draw Simple Nail Art Designs

Video: How To Draw Simple Nail Art Designs

Video: How To Draw Simple Nail Art Designs
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Do you like fantasy art manicure but fear that you won't be able to replicate it on your nails? Do not doubt. The art of painting nails, like any other, requires skill. So, you need to muster up the courage and start. But before embarking on complex compositions, it is worth mastering simple drawings. The most simple options can look very impressive.

How to draw simple nail art designs
How to draw simple nail art designs

It is necessary

  • - basic coverage;
  • - varnishes;
  • - thin brushes;
  • - rhinestones and pearls;
  • - paper stencils for manicure;
  • - paper tape;
  • - means for drying;
  • - top coat for manicure.


Step 1

To get started, get the necessary tools and supplies. The varnish for drawings should be fresh - a thickened varnish with a loose brush is unsuitable for nail art. Purchase special narrow bottles with fine brushes, or buy matching brushes from an art salon. You will need special stickers to apply straight lines, and glitter for additional effects.

Step 2

Before creating a fantasy manicure, you need to prepare your nails. Sand the surface with a polishing file for maximum smoothness. Apply one or two coats of base coat on top. For thin nails, choose a strengthening coating, for brittle nails, a special repair base is suitable.

Step 3

One of the simplest patterns is stripes. For it you need a varnish of a rich color and creamy texture. Cut a strip of paper tape, stick it on the nail, leaving one half of it free. Apply varnish of the chosen color to the free part of the nail. Cover the varnish with a drying agent on top. After a few minutes, carefully peel off the tape. Gently apply varnish of a contrasting color to the unpainted part of the nail, cover with a drying agent. The last layer is the top coat, which ensures the shine and durability of the manicure.

Step 4

A popular option is a colored jacket. It will require ready-made paper stencils for French manicure. Apply a pastel-colored opaque varnish to the entire nail. Cover it with a drying agent on top, wait until the varnish is completely hardened. Stick the stencil onto your nail, leaving the white part that extends beyond the outline of your finger free. Apply a bright or dark shade of varnish to it - red, burgundy, black, purple. Dry your manicure. On the border of the application of varnishes, you can apply a thin line with gold or silver varnish.

Step 5

A very simple but effective nail design - Japanese or Chinese characters. Choose a symbol that is appropriate in meaning or just beautiful in appearance. Practice on a piece of paper before applying to your nail. Cover the nails with white or any other light opaque varnish in two layers, drying each thoroughly. Take a thin brush and carefully, with small strokes, outline the selected hieroglyph. Make sure it is drawn correctly and draw a thicker line around the outline. Contrasting combinations look beautiful - for example, black or dark purple signs on a white or silver background.

Step 6

It is also easy to draw thin lines that mimic branches or ribbons. Such a manicure can be matched to the color of the clothes. For example, black or chocolate stripes look very elegant on a light green background. Gold looks spectacular on pink, and silver on scarlet. Note that light lines appear less noticeable on a dark background.

Step 7

Cover the nails with a background color in two layers. Dry with a special product. Type the varnish of the chosen color on the brush and draw free lines, straight or wavy. The line thickness is adjusted by pressing the brush. Such a manicure can be supplemented with a pair of rhinestones or pearls, randomly pasted between the lines.