How To Use A French Manicure Pencil

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How To Use A French Manicure Pencil
How To Use A French Manicure Pencil

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French manicure is a sophisticated classic that will be appropriate in the office, and at school, and in a restaurant. Nails, the tip of which is decorated with a modest strip, look neat and stylish. To perform a flawless jacket at home, you need to learn how to use a pencil correctly for this type of manicure.

How to use a French manicure pencil
How to use a French manicure pencil

A French manicure pencil is used to give your nails a well-groomed look. It also serves to whiten the nail plate, because often, due to the frequent use of varnish, the nails turn yellow and look untidy after building. It is very easy to eliminate these shortcomings if you use a white French pencil.

Using a French whitening pencil

French manicure whitening pencil is made from medical chalk or snow-white clay. In addition to the fact that such a tool paints the tip of the nail, it serves to remove particles of dirt and dust accumulated under the nail. The French pencil cap is most often used to push back the cuticle. You can also use the pencil as an express tool to quickly fix your manicure. Therefore, this tool for creating and maintaining a manicure in perfect condition should always lie in a cosmetic bag.

French manicure whitening pencil helps to strengthen nails with regular use.

It is easy to draw a smile line with a French manicure pencil. But it is not always ideal, in these cases, in addition to a pencil or as an alternative, white varnish is applied to it.

The nuances of using a French pencil

Often, pencils for French manicure are too hard to soften, you need to hold the tip of the product in warm water. But before you draw a white strip on the nail, you need to give the plate the desired shape.

When creating a French manicure, a whitening pencil is drawn on the inside of the nail, the strip can be erased when washing hands. Therefore, you can use the tool daily. And not only when the nails are decorated with an elegant jacket, but also just to give the nails a beautiful look.

French pencils are produced by many brands, when choosing, be sure to take into account the reviews and trust the company whose products you have already used.

To make it easier to fill in the tip of the nail with a pencil, you need to use a sharp bleaching pencil. Irregularities, strokes on the skin of the finger can be removed with plain water or nail polish remover. The same rule applies to the removal of excess pencil, which will certainly form under the nail during the day, staining the skin.

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