How To Cut A Cuticle

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How To Cut A Cuticle
How To Cut A Cuticle

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The beauty of the hands largely depends on the manicure, and the quality of the manicure depends on the condition of the cuticle. There are different ways to remove it, however, the requirements for its appearance are always the same. The cuticle should be neat, smooth, free from burrs, soft and well moisturized. Let's talk about how to properly cut the cuticle so that its appearance does not spoil the perfect manicure.

How to cut a cuticle
How to cut a cuticle


Step 1

In many ways, the quality of the result depends on what kind of manicure tools you use. You can cut the cuticle with nail tweezers, scissors and a trimmer. Ideally, it is better not to cut the cuticle at all, but to process it with special compounds that allow it to soften and remove excess skin. With this method of processing, the cuticle grows more slowly, looks healthier and smoother. In addition, this method does not injure the skin.

Step 2

If you decide to use nail clippers, prepare your skin for the cuticle removal procedure. For this, the skin must be softened. Prepare a warm hand bath, you can add oils or your favorite fragrances to the water. Soak your fingers in the water until the cuticle is soft and pliable. Dry your hands. Gently slide the cuticle towards the root of the nail with a special manicure spatula, wooden or silicone stick. Trim the cuticle starting from one edge towards the other. Try to remove it with a straight "ribbon". Trim the edge with the same tweezers so that the edge of the cuticle is even. Well moisturize the skin around your fingers with a nourishing cream.

Step 3

Cuticle scissors should be perfectly sharpened to avoid tearing the skin. Steam the skin with a hand bath and dry it. Use special tools to slide the cuticle towards the root of the nail. Trim the cuticle from one edge to the other. Be careful not to damage the skin of your finger, use only the tips of the scissor blades. Cut the cuticle with a straight "tape". Treat the edge of the cuticle, removing all roughness and burrs, moisturize the skin around the fingers with a nourishing cream. Removing cuticles with scissors is better than nail clippers.

Step 4

The trimmer is specially designed to remove cuticles. It usually looks like a double-tipped wand. On one side there is a branched tongue of a metal blade, on the other - a spatula for shifting the cuticle. This tool works better than tweezers or scissors, but only as long as the blades are perfectly sharp. Prepare the skin, slide the cuticle towards the root of the nail. Install the trimmer at one end and guide it along the cuticle growth line without stopping or interrupting the "ribbons" of the skin. Do not press too hard so as not to remove part of the nail plate, but you should not press too lightly, so as not to "lose" the skin captured by the trimmer. Point the tip of the trimmer towards the far edge of the cuticle and slightly upward. Correct any unevenness (if any) with tweezers or scissors. Apply cream to the skin around the nail.

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